4 Unique Yearbook Ideas for You to Bring to the Table

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Are you trying to revamp your yearbook so that you create memorable pages that everyone will love? Shake things up this year with these awesome and unique yearbook ideas. 

Capture your school spirit by making your yearbook stand out from the rest. Produce a yearbook that will make everyone smile by trying out some of these creative ideas. 

1. Get to Know the Staff

A school’s staff is such an important part of your community. Make sure to highlight them with a few pages that will help the student body get to know them.

Consider doing a staff fun fact feature, asking staff to share some facts that others may not know about them. This is a great way to make your staff feel special while letting the students get to know them a bit better. 

You can also dedicate a page to the school’s support staff. Custodial staff and lunch workers are people students see every day and they do so much to make your school a better place. This is a great way to acknowledge the entire staff and show your student body’s appreciation for all they do. 

2. Share the Years Top Moments and Trends 

It’s a great idea to provide a space where you include the years’ highlights. These can be both related to your school specifically as well as pop-cultural or news related highlights. Capturing these moments will be great for students to look back on for years to come. 

Include the trends that were popular that year, such as dances that went viral, or slang that everyone started using. Preserving these great moments in the yearbook acts as a time capsule for students years later. After all, yearbooks are all about nostalgia. 

3. Leave Space to Be Written In

Include a page or two for autographs, where students can leave each other messages and can also get some signatures from their teachers. These pages are easy to design using decorative yearbook templates

You could also leave spaces for students to fill in the blanks to capture fun details about themselves. Making a page such as “My Favorite Things”, with areas to fill in such as “Favorite Animals”, “Favorite Color” or “Favorite Show” can be fun for students and their parents to look back on and remember. 

4. Showcase Student Art Work 

A great way to let students have a part in the yearbook is to use their art to decorate the yearbook pages. This is a great way to balance out all the photos with student’s colorful creative work. You could make this into a school-wide contest, allowing students to submit artwork for the yearbook’s publication. 

Yearbook Ideas That Everyone Will Love 

If you’re trying to come up with new yearbook ideas this year, consider some of these creative options. These yearbook page ideas are sure to help complete a beautiful final project the student will love this year, and years later. Shake things up and make this year special with thoughtful yearbook design. 

Are you looking for advice on how you can use technology to assist you in your yearbook design? Head to the “technology” section of our site. 

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