5 Innovative Ways to Boost Company Morale

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As the pandemic dies down and businesses open up, employees may feel a little uneasy. Company morale caries too much weight to let it slide.

As morale increases, so do efficiency and productivity. Research suggests that happy employees work about 21% harder than their dissatisfied counterparts.

Read on to learn five creative ways you can boost your company morale!

1. Celebrate Good Times

Everybody loves a good celebration. Shake up the office with a good celebration from time to time.

Outside of work, throw a nice holiday party or end-of-quarter celebration. Making time to party with your employees outside of work shows that you value them as human beings and will make them feel good.

Don’t break the bank for these parties, but also try not to skimp. Allow the party to reflect efforts and earnings so everybody feels valued.

2. Recognize Milestones and Achievements

People like to feel noticed from time to time. Allow your employees a chance in the spotlight at the office.

No need to take major time out of the workday when you hope to increase productivity. Company morale boosters of this type can take 5 minutes.

Simply create a special event board. Recognize things like birthdays, promotions, and other special milestones in their life. Simply post their picture and a celebratory note on the board.

3. Offer Bonuses

If your employees make the same amount of money no matter what, hard workers may feel undervalued. Offer little incentives to help boost morale and production.

Improving employee morale does not need to cost you a ton. When you see a rise in income, pass out little cash envelopes split between everybody or to top producers. This will push slackers to work harder and help hard workers feel good about their efforts.

You might also set up a regular bonus system. If an employee hits x, y, and z, then they get a little percentage of it.

4. Focus On Wellness

Employee engagement will improve as you focus on their wellness. Put effort into showing that their health and wellness means something to you.

Little ways to do this include encouraging stretch breaks during long hours and offering little bottles of water to employees. Bigger ways include offering employee health insurance and setting up wellness retreats from time to time.

5. Pass Out Tokens of Appreciation

Put your appreciation for your employees into action. A small token can go a long way.

Sometimes a bonus does not fit into a small company budget. But that does not mean that you forgo recognizing your employee’s achievements altogether.

Use custom coin design as a token of appreciation. Hand out special coins for employees who go above and beyond either throughout the year or at a banquet.

Make Company Morale a Top Priority

Business success begins with the people who work for you. Boost company morale and watch how your profits grow!

Once you ease nerves and show your employees how much they matter, find other innovative ways to boost production. Find ideas on our business page!

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