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7 Reasons Why You Must Consider Link Building

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If you are a startup or a SaaS company running an SEO based campaign, you will surely be aware of how important SEO is. SEO is much more than keywords as it also involves a content strategy, technical structure, and meta-data. Apart from these things, link building can be regarded as an unsung hero, and you need to spend some time on it. As far as off-page SEO is concerned, link building is vital in the process as it boosts your ranking even when you are not actively working on your site.

What is link building, though? As its name suggests, it involves getting ‘linked’ back to your site. But is it just about posting links everywhere that lead back to you? Of course not. Your rankings will suffer if you follow this scattered haphazard approach. As for anything in life, you need a balanced strategy to build relationships with others and then place links only where they are valuable to users.

In case you aren’t already considering it, it is high time to make it a valuable asset in your digital marketing strategy. For that, we have listed seven reasons why link boosting should be on your to-do list.

Makes Your Site More Credible

Links impart a certain sense of credibility to your site as they indicate your domain’s ‘authoritative strength’ as a third party. Google hopes to provide its users with the results that are most relevant to them. For this, it considers something called ‘authority.’ The greater the number of quality links directed at your website, the higher is your credibility factor. Google believes that a quality publisher will link itself to your site only because it will strengthen their customer experience.

So, your goal should be to build links only from authoritative sites. Ensure that you get your links back from multiple domains rather than multiple links from a single part.

Increases Web Traffic

Link building might be one of the best ways to get a relevant audience from other authority sites. If you target appropriate niches and audiences, you will boost your traffic from those external sources. Also, web traffic indicates how healthy your site is, so it is a win-win situation.

Makes Your Site Rank Higher

Link building is about half of Google’s SEO considerations. So if you are not already on the bandwagon, you might be missing out on a lot. If you have no links to your website, it might be nearly impossible to rank it on Google regardless of your content quality. If you want to give strong competition to your rivals, consider adding more backlinks than them. For this, you can partake in Google’s best practices to build authority and value.

You can also create cutting edge content that is unique and then shares it extensively. Finally, invest in creating links that are not only trusted but also relevant and diverse for excellent results. You can even hire a link building services company for the same.

Boosts SEO Scores and Site Metrics

Backlinks will increase your website’s exposure and visibility by hiking up metrics such as Domain Rating (DR), Domain Authority (DA), Alexa Rank, Page Rank (PR), etc. Your site will be in better health, which will organically attract more traffic. And better health means that you will become more of an authority figure in the industry.

Increases Sales and Other Revenue Opportunities

More traffic will equate to better metrics, and that will act as an opportunity for generating revenue. Your website will appear on top of the search results, which might lead potential customers straight to you. This approach will also mean that you have a chance to sell more of your services and products, creating many new avenues of generating revenue.

Improves Relations

If you follow google’s best practices for link building with your industry’s niche, it will benefit you doubly. You will not only be creating relevant and valuable links. But also be connected closely to the big authority players on your field. This strategy opens up the scope for collaborating in the future too. Better networking is always beneficial to businesses, and link building builds literal and metaphorical links between parties.

Increases Exposure and Visibility

Link building can act as an excellent source of lead generation apart from boosting your site’s SEO rankings. In case you are looking to expand and want to reach audiences in a new geographical area, backlinks can help you create awareness about your brand over there. The backlinks can positively impact your business and establish you as a trustworthy company in the eyes of the consumer.

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