Explore the Unknown in Cryptocurrency: Digging Deep into Digital Currency Glossary

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We often see the digital currency enthusiast talking a lot about digital currency and blockchain technology, thus making it an internet blaze. For a few decades, we have barely seen anything in this regard. At the same time, one can find blockchain and the digital currency that is seen coming along with the trailblazing source coming in the 21st century. Many more people are seen falling in love with digital currencies when we talk about bitcoin emerging over some key investment options. At the same time, bitcoin is seen becoming a house name that is seen as a digital currency sphere. As the upsurge is seen about the bitcoin application, several providers are seen coming unraveled digital currencies coming along with the motives. Today, one can find digital currencies becoming part and parcel of the same. Let’s dig in deep into the glossary as under: 

1inch Liquidity Protocol – It is nothing but a platform designed only to boost up the liquidity and the protocol to employ to use certain virtual balances that are seen as reducing the execution loss. As seen in the market maker, this seems to be automated, which seems to benefit the users over the large scale. Several customers are seen offering several tokens to offer several assets, including ETH, with a certain pool of money that one can with this platform. You can easily leverage this platform. This very pattern can be seen earning Cryptocurrency to make trading sites like Uniswap. You can further explore a long list of terminologies from the crypto dictionary at sites like

3D Model Rendering – It is very much the process for ensuring several animations as found over the virtual image, which one can find employing different digital textures, software, and color. Once you create a 3D model, the modeling process even employs the data points to showcase the objects over the 3D format. Besides, the 3D model is very much reduced over the 2D images via certain tough computational procedures. 

51% Attack – This simply showcases the mythological kind of situation involving one group taking complete control, thus making 50 percent to find out the nodes of the blockchain network, which is seen getting collapsed, thus allowing the platform to open the manipulation. Several attackers will freely intervene in some of the transactions, including the new transactions, as one can find the network growing a lot in terms of size and distributing the true value of the same. 

Airdrop – This is a token distribution system, which is employed by different digital currency platforms. These can be seen sending across the digital currency to custom the wallet and addressing over the free over the exchange seen for simple purposes including publishing the digital currency via the hassle-free tasks including reshaping along with offering some referrals or even downloading the application. It is mostly employed to make things perfect to attract several investors, as seen using new digital currency. 

Altcoin – Digital currencies that tend to have evolved via bitcoin are known as an altcoin. For instance, one can find altcoin to be performing the best in the market. The altcoins that are seen working mostly like any functional system, which is very like bitcoin. However, they even have some number of changes found in the blueprint of bitcoin, except for the very idea coming along with the internal working over the systems that are seen like finding in between bitcoin and altcoins. 

API – It means Application Programming Interface, which helps in allowing different applications to access the data and interact with certain use of external software elements, microservices, operating systems, etc. In an API, one can find several scenes giving the response to get a system and thus sending the system’s response to the users. It helps give two different types of applications when it comes to communicating in different ways and giving even the access to the same. 

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