How Much Does It Cost to Get Cremated on Average?

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Have you recently lost a loved one? 

If so, have you considered a cremation over burial? Cremations are one of the best ways to remember someone after they’ve passed. 

With cremation, you can keep the ashes in an urn. Or you can bury them underground, plant a tree over the ashes. Another popular method is to scatter ashes in a river or ocean.

But if you’ve considered cremation, you want to know how much does it cost to get cremated?

Here’s what you should know about the cremation cost:

Average Cremation Prices

The average cremation prices in the United States are around $1100. The pricing all depends on your location.

For example, in a big city like New York, you can expect to pay at least $1,000 for cremation. In a small town, you might be able to secure a cremation for $500 or less.

The costs can include a cremation casket, body prep (for final viewing), flower arrangements, and an urn.

Direct Cremation

The cheapest method for cremation is direct cremation. This doesn’t include a viewing or other traditional funeral services.

It will include transporting the body to the funeral home. The body is then placed in a biodegradable container — as opposed to a casket. The body gets cremated and placed in a simple container.

You should look at this cremation Q&A to learn more about how to choose your cremation process. Make sure you speak to your family and friends about what they think is the best decision for the cremation.

Cremation Urns

You have to also factor in the cost of a cremation urn. If you plan on burying or scattering the ashes, you might wish to stick to a basic container.

If you wish to keep the urn at home, you want to consider what your budget is. Cremation urns can be as cheap as $50 and can also move upwards of $1,000.

You also have to choose among traditional urns, biodegradable urns, wooden urns, and companion urns.

Traditional urns get made from stone, metal, or ceramic and come in a variety of styles. Biodegradable urns get made from wood, cardboard, or bamboo.

Wooden urns are great for keeping at home and can range from $80 to around $500. Companion urns are large urns that are meant to hold the ashes of multiple persons.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Cremated? Now You Know

Now that you know how much does it cost to get cremated, you can choose the best option for your loved one.

Make sure you take your time to research what’s the best option to cremate the deceased. Then, you want to see if you want to pay for any funeral extras.

You can also choose the urn of your liking to store the ashes. Even if you plan on burying or scattering the ashes, it might be wise to invest in a high-quality urn.

Please share this guide with anyone else considering cremation for their loved ones.

You can learn more about funeral arrangements, cremations, and how to deal with loss on our website. 

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