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LLB Full Form In Hindi – LLB Full Form In English

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Bachelor of Laws is the full name for LLB. Earning a professional law degree benefits those who wish to begin careers in the legal sector. The courses for this degree program cover various topics, including constitutional, criminal, and property law, among others. After obtaining your LLB, you will be eligible to sit the bar examination and begin a career as a lawyer.

What Is The Full Form Of LLB?

Bachelor of Laws is what LLB stands for. It is a degree needed for anyone who wants to work in the legal field. The LLB degree is usually earned after three years of study. Many colleges and universities throughout the world offer this degree.

Specializations Offered

In the field of law, there are many different ways to specialize. But working as a corporate lawyer, a criminal lawyer, a family lawyer, or a real estate lawyer are some of the more popular LLB career paths. Since there are so many possible LLB career paths, you should think carefully about which area of law you are most interested in before making a final decision.

  • Criminals Law
  • Law against bribery
  • Civil Law
  • Work Laws
  • Real Estate Law
  • Parent law
  • Tax Law
  • The Law of Nations

This degree program lets you choose from a lot of different specializations. Here are just a few of them:

Criminal law is the branch of law that looks at crimes and how to punish them. It also talks about how crimes are handled and what evidence is needed.

Corruption Law: This area of law focuses on how to stop corruption and how to study it. It also talks about the accountability and openness of the government.

The civil law subfield of the legal system analyzes the rights and obligations of private individuals. It also talks about the property, contracts, family, and other types of law.

Labor law is a field of study that focuses on the laws and rules about work and employment. It also discusses social security, health, safety at work, etc.

Eligibility Criteria And Training

For admission to the three-year LLB course, you must have passed 10+2 or any equivalent exam with a total score of at least 45% for general candidates and 40% for SC/ST candidates must have reached the age of 21 by July 1 of the year in which they intend to join the organization.

CLAT, run by NLUs, is used to get into the five-year integrated BA LLB (Hons) course. The training for people with an LLB includes practical training in law firms or chambers of advocates, judicial service, and other legal services.

After getting your LLB, you will need to undergo training to work as a lawyer. Some ways to get this training are through internships, apprenticeships, and clerkships. After you finish your training, you’ll have to pass the bar exam before you can work as a lawyer.

Admission Process

It is very hard to get into an LLB program. To get in, students must have a strong undergraduate record and have finished their first degree. Law schools have different rules for getting in, but most make applicants take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). Students can start the process of applying to law school once they have met all of the requirements.

  1. The first step is applying, usually done online. The application will ask for basic information about the person’s use, academic history, and test scores.
  2. After the application has been turned in, the law school will look at the applicant’s dossier and decide if they should be given the benefit of the doubt.
  3. If the person is taken, they must sign up for classes and pay any fees.

Some Interesting Facts About Lawyers

Some of the most important people in the world are lawyers. They ensure that our rights are safeguarded while also assisting us in better understanding the law. Here are some interesting things you might not know about lawyers:

Ø  One of the jobs with the highest rate of depression is being a lawyer. Most likely, this is because of how stressful the job is.

Ø  Divorce rates are higher among lawyers than in other professions. Again, this is because of the stress that comes with the job.

Ø  Lawyers are likelier than people in different positions to have alcoholism and drug abuse problems. This is probably because the job involves a lot of stress and worry.

Ø  Despite what most people think, lawyers do a lot of good for society. They help people understand the law and make sure their rights are protected.

How to Refer to a Bachelor of Laws in Latin?

“Legum Baccalaureus” is the full name for LLB. “Bachelor of Laws” is another name for this degree. In Latin, “jus” means “law,” and “Baccalaureus” means “bachelor.” So, “Legum Baccalaureus” would be the full Latin name for “LLB.”

What is LLB Full Form in Hindi?

Bachelor of Laws is the full name for LLB in both Hindi and English. It is a degree given to someone who has finished their studies in law. You need a professional degree called an LLB to work as a lawyer.

What is LLB Full Form in English?

Bachelor of Laws is the full name for LLB. It is a degree given to someone who has finished their studies in law. You need a professional degree called an LLB to work as a lawyer.

What is LLB Full Form in Law?

Bachelor of Laws is the full name for LLB. The Indian legal system is taught over three years. Students who finish this course can either go on to practice law or do more research in the field.

What is LLB Full Form in Hindi?

 LLB ka full form in Hindi is : विधि स्नातक

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