Online Games Are Rigged: Why This Myth Should Be Laid to Rest

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While more and more people are starting to show interest in playing real money games online, there is still a good number out there who are hesitant about this. Many of them still believe that no one ever really wins from playing online casino games and this is because they think that such games are rigged.

Such comments about online casino sites should be buried as these are myths that are busted a long time ago now. Instead of listening to people saying which games are rigged, it’s better to do your research and learn how different casino games work by visiting sites like Online Casinos 2.

What’s true is that this accusation doesn’t have any real basis. What’s just sad about this is that such mindless accusations can negatively impact the gambling industry. People just really have to be smart about believing the things they hear and if you need convincing that online casino games aren’t rigged, we got you!

Possible Reasons Why People Think This Way

There is a small chance that players could encounter rigged casino games on the internet. We say small because it’s not all the time that people allow themselves to be a victim of unlicensed online casino sites. This is why it’s of utmost importance that you only deal with reputable and licensed casino websites.

Online gambling sites are only issued a license if they are certified by an independent third-party checker that would check on the site’s algorithm to make sure that the online casino is fair and just. This is why these casinos can’t offer rigged casino games.

Meanwhile, online casinos without a license most likely didn’t go through an inspection and if they offer games that aren’t made by the most popular casino software providers, then they can manipulate the algorithm and put the players at a disadvantage. They would do this by making the house advantage big and by duplicating the scenarios in-game.

With that said, casino games can only be rigged if you are dealing with a scam website. The best that you can do is play on the most reputable casino sites out there and read online reviews too.

Now, if you do frequent online casino review sites, you may see comments from customers who still think that even the casino games on reputable and licensed sites are rigged. Well, it’s most likely that they just didn’t have any luck winning. Sometimes, some of them just didn’t read the fine print that they eventually had a hard time withdrawing their money.

Why Online Casino Games are Hard to Manipulate

Well, know that reputable casino sites only have games to offer because they are partnered with trusted casino games software providers like NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Softbet, and many more. Once you see games from these providers, you can be sure that you’re playing at a good casino site.

What this also means is that casino operators do not own the games that they offer to their customers. The software providers are the ones who own them and they won’t just go manipulating their game because they could lose their business.

This is the very same reason why legit online casino sites wouldn’t dare to offer rigged games. Part of being able to continuously offer their services is because they are passing the random checks that third-party services like eCOGRA conduct to ensure fairness in all of their games. Such companies check the software that the sites use and if they get caught doing anything suspicious, their license to operate will most likely be taken away from them.

Casino games on sites like 24KCasino Australia also use RNG (Random Number Generator) to ensure that the result you get from the games you play give you random and impossible to predict results. This is why you can never really predict if a slot machine game will give you a winning result on your next spin.


When playing casino games like roulette or slots, it’s natural that we try to find some sort of pattern to better understand how a game works. And when we recognize a pattern, we take note of it and eventually think that these games are manipulated.

However, this is the kind of thinking we should leave behind when playing such games. What we perceive as patterns are just numbers and probability. Know that each result you get from playing a round of slots or roulette has no bearing on the next game you’ll play. These are always random results and you just really either have luck on your side or not.

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