The Top Tech Hacks to Make Remote Work From Home Easier

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Working from Home is going to continue to be a huge movement even beyond the state of affairs that the world exists today. There has been a shift in the dynamics of the standard worker. 

42% of workers in this nation are working from home. There needs to be an understanding of how to make that work and how to make remote work from home best and most efficiently.

Define Your Office

An important boundary to establish from the start of your time working from home is defining exactly where your “office” exists. Yes, it is true that, technically, your home is your office but there needs to be a designated workplace.

If you have that boundary in place you know that once you are in that spot, even though it is effortlessly in the same room, you are transitioning from personal time to work time.

Without that, you are not going to be able to motivate and get moving to get work done at the level of quality it needs to be.

Productivity and Efficiency

These two concepts are both all-stars and the bane of at homework, simultaneously!

Two major factors that contribute to this are **organization** and **distraction** But the fact of the matter is that each of those will keep you from getting your work done. Luckily, there are apps and plug-ins to help you along the way!

A very popular selection, SelfControl, is an app that blocks applications and sites for a designated amount of time allowing you to get work done! So no more twitter, at least for a bit. There are countless others of the like.

Another very popular, Trello, allows users to organize tasks by cards and to-do lists that can be prioritized, timed, and visually arranged just like a pinboard would be.

Even simple timers can be utilized. It has been found for most people that breaking tasks into smaller, timed segments, is successful in making those tasks more easily completed.

They feel more capable of follow-through and motivation.

Remote Control can Help

If you are going back and for between work and doing work at home there is a useful option for those using macOS systems. You can easily utilize Remote Desktop for Mac as well as connect the collection of your devices to keep current with the work you are doing.

By using the remote connection you can share your display, your files, and your device resources.

This can help with your work in the office as well as the home. This runs along the lines of utilizing cloud storage for team collaboration but on the singular level.

Socialization for Your Health

It started in 1995, technically 1992, with CU-SeeMe and it has only exploded exponentially since then. Video conferencing and chat software has been a huge piece of both the business world and the internet in general.

With the ever-changing world, these software connections are becoming ever more important and more effective. Zoom is mentioned by nearly every business and almost everyone, if you mention it, knows right away what it is.

Point is, humans are social beings and they work best when they can utilize that social nature. Options like Zoom, like Skype, like Hangouts. They serve important work functions but also connect.

Make Sure to Back it Up

This now becomes your responsibility when working from home. At the office, the backup and safety of file assets were the responsibility of the IT team.

Being ready with backup software, options for both wired and wireless internet, and plenty of power options along the lines of a UPS power will enable you to weather any storm.

The easiest option for file backup, especially when it comes to flexibility is by utilizing cloud storage. This is even stronger of an option if you are working with a team and going between the office and home.

Cloud storage for files will allow for access by anyone, given proper credentials, from anywhere. Physical media could allow this if they have the drive itself but the cloud can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

This works a double function, safety, and solidarity. Plays right into the idea touched on earlier, that collaboration is key.

Creative Use of Current “Hardware”

Multiple displays are a very commonplace item in most offices these days but when you end up working from home it might not be the same situation. Your equipment budget may not be as large as your company’s IT.

However! There are plenty of ways to get the same benefit that they gain from a larger display and the option of multiple displays. The choice(s) you make all depend on the equipment you already have lying around your home.

You can turn a TV into a giant second monitor for your workstation. Using a simple HDMI cable. Or if you have AppleTV or a Chromecast you can do it wirelessly. With the HDMI all you need to do is plug in the AV out set up.

The other two you there are “project” or “cast to” options that will allow you to transmit displays to the device. 

This can allow you to create a new display with something you already have in your home!

Remote Work from Home Can Be Just As Effective!

The world is changing and the workplace with it. As we can see, the idea of what a workplace is has definitely changed. If you keep with these ideas you can have a successful workplace both in the office and a remote work from home.

To keep that tech life running smoothly, continue on to the blog for all things digital and the transforming world.

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