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Top 4 Best Prank Calling Apps

3 Mins read

Wake Up Caller

This highly functional Pranks app can be used in a variety of ways and probably makes for the most irritating pranks to be played on your pals. This product created by Mathrawk has unique features that you don’t see among other prank call apps today. 

Wake Up Caller does exactly what its name suggests, automatically making a call to you or your friend at any arranged time.

If you’re feeling devilish, you can schedule a time knowing when your friend is asleep and let the app call them anyway. 

Although highly entertaining for pranks it can also be very effective for breaking bad sleeping habits which cause you and your friends late getting into trouble by showing up late to school.

Wake Up Caller solves this problem conveniently, just proceed to do the following. To begin, enter any number or select a contact from your phone list and enter the date and time you wish Wake Up Caller to ring that person. After you’ve input the correct details sit back and let Wake Up Caller do the rest.

With this easy to use the app, you will never get into trouble for showing up late ever again!

Ownage Pranks

The Ownage Pranks prank calling app lets you send hilarious phone pranks to your buddies at the press of a button, while you sit back and tune in live. 

You can select different pranks from over the 100+ prank scripts available, all creatively designed to elicit the funniest reactions from your targets. 

If you’re looking for something in particular Prank Scripts are also grouped in different categories for added convenience. For example, if you have a new love interest go to the ‘Dating & Love’ section to find the most suitable pranks, a good one being ‘Stay Away From My Man!’ or similarly ‘Stay Away From My Girl!’.

To use the Ownage Pranks app way is straightforward, to begin sending prerecordings do the following: Select a prank, choose the contact you want to send it too and call. It is that easy!

During live conversations, you will be able to listen in, and as calls are automatically recorded you can listen again afterward and share with your best pals. 

During prank calls your friends will think it’s a real person on the line, as the apps ‘Speech Technology Recognition‘ AI ensures conversations run smoothly and organically. It manages to analyze dialogue in real-time by recognizing keywords quickly and even detecting silence, showing a high degree of adaptability. 

Additional features:

Prerecording characters originate from the top-rated Ownage Pranks youtube channel

The ‘Pranks Hall of Fame’ accept prank submissions regularly, with the best featured

New Prankscripts added regularly


Like the Ownage Pranks app, Prankster is another fantastic prank app that lets you make hilarious prank calls using its wide array of prank scripts. When doing these calls Prankster considers your security ensuring your caller ID is hidden every time. 

The concept is the same, choose a prank script from the vast variety available, select your contact and press call. Prerecordings are automated as the call begins, so you can relax and listen to the hilarious reactions made by your friends. 

Since calls are not associated with your phone company your phone number, in turn, will not be exposed, Prankster instead uses your online connection to make calls.

This app is unique as prank calls aren’t only exclusive to your country but can be used throughout the entire world. Its application lets you call anyone worldwide in numerous languages so nobody is safe!

Voice Changer with effects

With our final choice we’ve decided to go with the excellent Voice changer with effects app, this app can be used in so many different scenarios including prank calling. 

Voice changer with effects has outstanding features, with the best being its voice modifier function which allows you to change your voice to a large selection of sound effects. 

This app stands out among its competition as you have a mind-blowing 40 voice options available, all having their distinct sound. Some of these include zombies, drunk, squirrel, monster, and giant. 

There is also a recording feature where you can record your original speaking voice. Once you are finished, you can start modifying your voice by applying the various effects listed above. 

Recordings can also be used as your new ringtone or made used for an alarm clock. 

Additional features:

You can create an image with the sound and post it on social media

Share prank calls through various platforms such as WhatsApp and email

Import new prerecorded sounds if you can’t find what you’re looking for

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