Unusual Sports You Haven’t Tried – But Should

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Are you looking for something fun and different to do this summer?

While classic sports like baseball, soccer, and basketball will always be around, sometimes it is nice to change it up with something that none of your friends or family members has played before. It is a great excuse to gather everyone together for an adventure. 

Luckily there is a whole world of unusual sports that you probably haven’t heard of before, or at least have never played. 

Read on to discover some new ways to get out and have fun!


Ok, so you may have heard of paintball before. But have you ever actually played?

There’s no need to invest in any equipment. Most paintball facilities allow you to rent paintball guns and protective gear on-site. All you need to bring is a set of clothes you don’t mind getting ruined. And your game face, of course!

There are many variations of the game to play, though Capture The Flag is probably the most popular. In any version of the game, players must learn how to shoot, run, hide, and strategize to win. You’re guaranteed to make a mess and have a good time, though you might leave with a bruise or two!

Paintball can be a little dangerous, and a little extra research can help everyone stay safe. Check out this blog if you are interested in picking up paintballing!

Hot Sauce & Pepper Challenges

Here is another unusual game for the daredevil in you. There is a massive subculture for people who love to take spice to the extreme. Not only do they organize competitions, but there are also botanists and hot sauce companies that specialize in pushing the boundaries of heat. 

If you’re new to hot pepper challenges, it’s best to do a bit of research first. You don’t want to go for the absolute hottest pepper or sauce you can get your hands on. It is probably a lot hotter than you think!

A few jalapenos and habaneros should do. Even that might be a bit too much for some folks. Make sure to have plenty of milk on hand. Milk is good for subduing the heat. 

All you have to do is set a challenge and see who can eat the most peppers. Official matches usually set a time limit, and anyone who takes a drink of milk is out. The last person who can eat all their peppers in time without drinking any milk is the winner!

Underwater Hockey

It’s time to spice up your next trip to the pool. You’ll need goggles, a puck (or anything of similar size and weight), and a small hockey stick. There are special sticks known as “pushers” that you can buy, but you can probably get away with just using your hands if you just want to try it out. 

The puck is dropped to the bottom of the pool and players try to get it into the opposing team’s underwater goal. No one is allowed to pick it up and swim away with the puck, you can only smack it. 

The other key rule is that no snorkels are allowed. You’ll have to hold your breath. 

Like ice hockey or field hockey, this is a game that is easy to understand and fun to play no matter what your experience level. 

Sepak Takraw

This game might not seem unusual to folks from Thailand or Malaysia, where it has been a popular sport since the 15th century. 

To everyone else though, it looks like a strange combination of soccer and volleyball. Players must get the ball over a volleyball net without using their hands, though they can use any other part of their body. 

If you’ve got access to a volleyball court, you’ve already got everything you need to play. Official sepak takraw balls are smaller and lighter than regular volleyball though. You can always make your own ball out of paper or palm leaves!

Ultimate Frisbee

Most people have an old frisbee lying around the house somewhere. They may have tossed it around a few times, then left it to gather dust in the garage. 

Little do they know that that frisbee has the potential to unlock hours of outdoor fun!

Ultimate frisbee is essentially football played with a frisbee, along with a few key rule changes. 

The first is that the player in possession is not allowed to move. They have ten seconds to make a pass, during which time the other players position themselves to either catch or block a pass. This puts the game’s focus on passing rather than tackling. 

The other big rule change is that Ultimate is a non-contact sport, like basketball. You can get close to other players to block, but no touching.


Kabaddi is a popular game in Asia that will really test your endurance. This is a contact sport that involves two teams of seven and is played on a basketball-like court divided down the middle. 

Each team has six defensive players and one offensive player. The offensive player is called the “raider.” The raider crosses into enemy territory and attempts to tag out as many opposing players as possible while not being tackled. 

And there’s a catch: the raider can only be in enemy territory for the length of one breath. The raider must shout “kabaddi” over and over the whole time they are attacking to prove that they haven’t taken a breath. 

Unusual Sports Will Make This Summer One to Remember

Trying out something new might feel intimidating or silly. But no matter what happens, it will be a special memory as long as you have your loved ones with you. These are just a selection of unusual sports to try. There are many more, especially when you include winter games. Don’t let this year pass you by. Get out there and try something new!

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