Why is digital gatekeeping the way forward for housing societies?

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The year 2021 has been a phenomenal catalyst for global digital transformation with three top technology drivers identified by Gartner are :

1) People-centricity 

2) Location-independence and 

3) Resilient delivery. 

Society management apps are an (Artificial Intelligent) AI-powered technology that is designed specifically to merge digital gatekeeping with end-to-end society management in order to align with the very same trends. Let’s see how: 

Digital gatekeeping features in society management apps like MyGate are designed to manage traffic at the society gate, keeping in focus all stakeholders, the visitors, residents, and security guards as well as the managing committee members. 

  • Residents have to send a one time passcode invite to the visitor’s which gets authenticated at the gate on the guard’s app, after which entry is allowed. 
  • The entire procedure takes 5-7 seconds and saves the guards and visitors from the pain of making pen and paper registration which is a redundant procedure. 
  • Privacy is maintained for the residents since any unexpected visitors or solicitors can be approved or denied entry in real-time from the app, which is convenient whether you’re at home or away. 
  • Packages can be delivered at the gate through contactless deliveries feature in which the guards can receive the delivery and the residents can pick them up through passcode verification. 

What are the futuristic features of digital gatekeeping?

The main benefit apart from monitored flow of entry/exit, there are ways to measure ground movement.

  • Overstay alert

Whenever a visitor is found to be lingering on the premises, the guard receives an alert and can investigate further. 

  • Generate variety of entry passes

Whether it’s a move in move out procedure for tenants, or group entry pass generation for hired contractors and labourers can be created in a simplified workflow. 

Frequent visitors are given a unique passcode for daily entry and exit, including daily needs suppliers, water tankers, domestic help, drivers. 

Passes can be generated for the movement of goods and materials in and out as well.

  • Covid safety features

Guard can capture visitors’ temperature and mask information at entry and exit and the same gets reflected to residents in-app. 

  • Daily help management

Society management apps can track the daily help attendance, record their time of entry and alert the residents.

Residents can track daily help attendance with calendar and per day entry/exit timings, review and ratings with details on punctuality, regularity and search for maids with timing.

  • Spot entries

Instant entry available  at gate triggering notification/IVR calls for approval from residents. 

Photo capture of visitors like vendors, unexpected guests (optional for guests).

Voice Command Entry feature in which the guard can enter the name by voice command and look for details.

Guard device parallel processing enables the guard to enter entries in parallel while waiting for approvals for earlier entries.

The e-Intercom feature is handy when there’s no response from the resident as the guard can access Primary/Secondary numbers for the flat to which the IVR call goes, which works offline as well. 

In summary, the main reasons why digital gatekeeping is the way forward for housing societies are 

  • Automation of manned gatekeeping for speed and convenience
  • Subscription packages offered by apps like MyGate are affordable and available in different customizable options
  • They use the latest encryption standards for safety and privacy of your data and use private cloud services which are reliable and keep you secure from data breaches. 

Residents and managing committees can be freed from the time and resource guzzling procedures of manned gatekeeping when they move to digital transformation of housing society management.

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