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10 Steps to Solid Remote Collaboration

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Remote working protocols seem to be the “new normal” these days. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, many companies are now adopting remote working practices. Although remote working has its own pros and advantages, it comes with some associated challenges as well. One of the biggest hurdles that companies and employees seem to be facing these days is learning how to collaborate while working remotely. 

It is an undeniable fact that collaboration is the backbone for any organization. But is it possible to ensure collaboration when adopting to working remotely? Absolutely yes! How? You will find out through these ten tried and tested steps:

1. Virtual Meeting Rooms Are Your Best Friends:

So what if you cannot meet in person, you can always collaborate and contact your peers and co-workers through the use of virtual meeting rooms. Most of the virtual meeting rooms are freely available and help bridge gaps online. Another perk of using these tools is that one can have a group meeting. The video conferencing feature adds a realistic touch to the meeting as everyone can see each other. This tool is highly recommended by all IT Services Los Angeles

2. File Sharing:

Online project management is not a new concept. Offices and companies have been using online collaboration tools like Google Drive even when working through offices. Make it a habit to make use of online file sharing mediums so everyone can have access to the latest editions and can be on the same page regarding the progress made. 

3. Sync Your Calendars:

Missing appointments and meetings is a common issue that is associated with remote working collaborations. To be able to ensure that everyone is aware of the company plans and can be reminded about all the scheduled events, syncing calendars is a great approach. It is highly recommended by IT Support Los Angeles. This way, not only can meetings and sessions be planned while avoiding overlapping, employees can also be sent reminders at the cost of a single click. 

4. Use Shareable To-Do Lists:

Another efficient way to collaborate and keep all the team on the same page about targets and expectations is to make use of a to-do list. You can choose to use a designated tool or platform for this purpose or simply use an online spreadsheet or doc file. The team leaders can update the to-do list on a daily basis and assign the roles and tasks to the team members. Once accomplished or completed, the team members to whom the task was assigned can update the to-do list and cross it off of the list. 

5. Download Apps:

Most of the collaboration tools online come in both the desktop web application as well as mobile application versions. At times, many team members miss the tasks as they are not using their laptops. A great way to make sure that you get notified about everything is to download the mobile applications for all the collaboration tools and platforms that are being used. This way, you will be able to see any change or notification even if you are not using your laptop. 

6. Set Up A Schedule:

Working from home offers one freedom to work as per his own schedule and convenience. This is acceptable if the person is working on an individual task. However, if the work demands collaboration, the team members need to agree on a time at which a meeting can be held and IT Consulting can be discussed. It is a great approach to schedule the collaborative segments of the work. Make sure that all the meetings and online collaborative tasks are scheduled in advance so everyone can join in and make sure that the rest of their schedules are cleared to make room for the meeting. 

7. Opt For Cloud Storage:

Although exchanging files is an effective way to collaborate when working on a remote basis, it does require additional effort. Everyone works on their share of the task and then sends it around so it reaches the rest of the team. Making use of cloud storage is a better idea in this regard. Through cloud storage, all the data and the files are uploaded on a single memory location whose access is granted to all the relevant people. Therefore, the changes and data is accessible by all without having to exchange files. 

8. Set Long Term Goals:

Although online collaboration platforms are a great resource and they do help people connect with one another, the reality is, they are not as efficient as real time collaboration. Rather than meeting online daily and setting short term goals, assign long term goals for your team members. This way, you can meet after a longer interval of time and the team members can share their progress with the team leaders. In the meanwhile, updates can be shared via emails and texts. 

9. Add Variety To The Means Of Communication:

Rather than relying on only a single channel of communication, try and use multiple means of online collaboration. Hold online meetings but also send out texts or emails. This way the employers would be able to reach the employees easily. The variety of communication tools will also enhance the effectiveness of collaboration. 

10. Stay In Touch:

Working remotely can be stressful, especially for those who have never experienced it in the past. Try to stay in touch and reach out to the teammates and co-workers as much as possible. Formal and official communication will be taking place but sending updates regarding the work in progress or simply asking them about their well being can enhance the communication between you and your colleagues. 

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