17 Commonly Left Out Wedding Details

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Planning a wedding is no easy task. You must find the right venue, vendors, meetings, guest list, wedding attire, and accommodating everyone’s needs and requests. It is a titanic challenge if you are not a wedding planner. But there is nothing to worry about, couples manage to plan their wedding all the time, but they often forget about important details in the middle of all the chaos. So, we have gathered some important wedding details you should not forget, just in case.

  1. Eating before the wedding. You do it every day. You get up, have breakfast, then lunch, and dinner. Perhaps even a couple of snacks in between. But on your wedding day, there are so many emotions and places to be that your appetite fades. That does not mean you should not eat, arrange breakfast and lunch to be delivered to your getting ready location, try to choose healthy and nutritious options to have energy while feeling at your best.
  2. Vendor meal. Your DJ, musicians, and wedding planner also need to eat. They will be working and rehearsing since the day begins. Make sure you arrange with your caterer a meal for every vendor that will work long hours.
  3. Wedding vendor gratuities. Another easily forgotten matter, although it is not an obligation, when you have amazing vendors that have gone above and beyond to make sure your wedding is a dream come true, gratuity will be much appreciated.
  4. Plan for bad weather. Even summer has occasional showers, no matter your location, and especially if your wedding is in a season when rain, wind, or cold might be expected, it is good to have a plan B. A tent or a second location for your outdoor ceremony will be more than fine.
  5. Overtime cost. Talk to your vendors about the cost of extra hours for their services. Once the party starts, you might want to extend it. It is a great idea to budget overtime for your venue, music, and bartender.
  6. Lighting for your reception. Venues offer standard lighting for your event, but if you want to make the room extra special with a specific tone or color, an uplighting rental is your best option. You can easily install without hiring an expert.
  7. Sunset or sunrise time. You found the perfect venue and a dreamy location for your ceremony; you envisioned the sunset as a backdrop while exchanging vows. But wait, your ceremony is scheduled at 4 pm, long before the sunset. Your photographer can advise you on the best moment to catch the perfect light.
  8. Create a website and email. Before sending save the date and invitations, and before heading to meet vendors, you should open an email account exclusively for your wedding. And a website where you can communicate with your guests and most important information.
  9. Designate a day of point person. Your wedding day arrives with many things to do and coordinate. If you have a wedding planner or the day of the wedding coordinator, then you are all set. If not, you can designate someone with all the information about your wedding to oversee any trouble that might arise. Let your vendors know who they need to contact for you to have a calm morning.
  10. Put together an emergency kit. Accidents happen when you least expect them, but you can always anticipate and have a solution handy. Include a sewing kit, band-aids, headache and stomachache medicine, dental floss, toothbrush, paste, double-sided tape, and anything else you might think of.
  11. Ask about food allergies. This is crucial; you should ask your guests to let you know about any special diet or allergy so your caterer can accommodate those requests. The least you want is to have a food-related emergency at your wedding.
  12. Packing a bag and booking a hotel. Making post-reception plans is important, with all the excitement about the wedding couples forget about where they will stay and what they will wear the day after.
  13. Create a space for your guests to take photos. We are certain about how beautiful your reception will be, but having a spot destined to take photos is a thoughtful idea for your guests. And there is no need to spend much; with a pipe and drape DIY and some great lighting, your guests will have the perfect backdrop.
  14. Designate a bathroom buddy. That beautiful ballroom wedding dress with layers and layers of fabric you are in must come off to let you use the bathroom, and you are going to need help. Ask one of your bridesmaids, sister, or best friends to help you manage your dress.
  15. Ask someone to gather all your belongings. When the night comes to an end, you could be so tired or excited that it will not even cross your mind to pick up your belongings. Gifts, decoration, marriage certificate, jackets, you would be impressed with how many couples forget even their shoes.
  16. Arrange transportation. While the arrival transportation is always contemplated during your wedding planning, it might slip your mind to arrange how to get to your hotel after the reception. Make sure you consider this crucial detail.
  17. Hand a do not playlist to your wedding DJ. Every couple should take the time to make a list of songs or genres that they do not want to hear at their wedding. It will save you a bad moment and serve as a guide for your DJ to know you better.

We hope our tips help you and prevent you from forgetting important details to have the most wonderful experience during your wedding day. Remember that even if things do not go as planned, you should focus on the positive and enjoy your once-in-a-lifetime celebration.

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