5 Best Movies about Pandemics

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In recent years, the word “pandemic” has been used in the media and everyday conversations with increasing frequency. And not without good reason. If you’ve ever watched CNN or heard politicians talk about Ebola, Zika, or even SARS, you’ll know how important pandemics are to society. Here’s a look at 5 of the best movies about pandemics.

1. The Outbreak

First released in 1995, The Outbreak featured Morgan Freeman playing a medical doctor who has to deal with a town infected with a mysterious disease. It may not be the best movie about pandemics, but it was one of the first, and it’s remembered fondly for its interesting blend of action and horror

Released in 2014, this film followed the journey of four people who find themselves trapped in an underground bunker during the outbreak of an unknown virus that causes those affected to become bloodthirsty killers.

2. World War Z.

Who could forget Brad Pitt in this film about a global zombie pandemic? The story follows Pitt and other survivors as they race to find a cure for the virus that’s caused the undead to rise. While some parts of the movie were unrealistic, it was very well received by critics and audiences alike upon release in 2013. This movie about pandemics is also notable for a cameo appearance by David Morse as a doctor who plays an important role in helping to protect the survivors. For essay writing tasks Hq-essay services will improve writing skills, seek professional help and save time with our help.

3. Dawn of the Dead

This classic flick from 1978 was directed by George Romero, who also wrote and acted in the movie. It tells the story of a group of people who find themselves trapped in a shopping mall during the zombie apocalypse. And, like many zombie movies, there’s plenty of blood and violence. The dawn of the dead also became one of the most famous zombie movies, making it on our list of top 25 horror movies.

4. Contagion

This movie was released in 2011, and it beat events in the real world to the punch for several years. It follows a medical team as they deal with a disease that’s caused an outbreak around the globe. With an all-star cast including Gwyneth Paltrow and Matt Damon, this is one of the best movies about pandemics you can watch. If you’re looking for something on Netflix, this film is currently streaming on their site or you can try watching it on movierulz plz.

5. The Last Man on Earth

The last movie on our list might surprise you, but it’s not all that surprising at. The Last Man on Earth stars Will Ferrell, Bryan Cranston, and Emma Thompson. It takes place in the future after a virus has wiped out most of the population of the world. You can watch this film for free on YouTube.


Whether you’re looking for a pandemic flick or something more recent, there are plenty of great options to choose from. As with other categories of movies, there are horrors as well as comedies available. And, with multiple streaming services and other movie websites, you can find all types of movies about pandemics, old and new. Just make sure to keep some tissues at the ready!

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