5 Great Products to Sell Online

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The chances are that you know at least one person who quit their 9-5 job and now they enjoy the freedom and other benefits that selling products online offers, and if you would like to make a living from an e-commerce website, here are some cool product ideas that are in demand at the moment.

  1. Health & Well-Being – This is a booming sector and providing your products contain no chemicals or preservatives, you should do well. Products that are made entirely from natural ingredients are the most popular, and with white label solutions, you can have the products branded with your own packaging. You could sell freeze dried fruit drinks, which comes in powder form and you simply add cold water for a fruit drink that has all the nutrition of fresh fruit. If you are in need of money to set up the business, rather than talking to your bank manager, there are affordable Australian cash loans online from a well-known lender.
  2. Sports Apparel – Another booming sector, people are focusing a lot more on their physical condition, with many Australians turning to yoga or a sport that works out all the major muscle groups. Women’s sports clothing includes sports bras, tank tops and leggings, and with good quality clothing made from the best fabric, you can create your very own line of stylish sportswear. You could, for example, offer customised team kit, where you include the numbers and names of players, and it is worth noting that every team, regardless of level, requires sporting kit, so there is a huge market. Here is a great article for those who are planning to start their own online business, which is worth the read.
  3. Audio Books – People seem to prefer to listen to a well-known actor or actress reciting, rather than actually reading the book, and if you set up an audio book store, there are good returns. You do not have to print copies of the books, as they are download from your website after a secure online payment, of course. It is a fact that people always have and always will read, the method of ingestion is changing thanks to developing technology, and listening to a person who reads skilfully really does make a difference.
  4. Auto Components – If you love cars, why not set up your own car parts company? If you talk to the manufacturers, you can find out how much of a mark-up there is, and if the numbers work, you can list many components at competitive prices, plus you have the manufacturer’s warranty that you can pass on to your customers. You could specialise in certain makes of car, which would be a niche market, or you would even set up an online car sales website, where you connect the buyer with the seller. Here is some government advice for those who are looking to set up a new business.
  5. Wall Art – Many offices and homes are adorned with stylish wall prints and there’s no reason why you can’t set up a website that sells classic and contemporary wall prints. You can sell the frameless or with frames, whichever the customer prefers, and if you approach noted artists, they might make an agreement with you that gives you exclusive rights to market their work. You can have many styles and that gives people more options, and as time passes, you can add to your growing collection of quality prints.

The above are just a few ideas, and if there is a type of product that you are passionate about, this is the field to move into.

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