5 Principles Of Muscle Building Program

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Building a wall is more challenging than dismantling it. Similarly, building muscles is far more complex than losing fats. Since the results are far too remarkable, every effort you put in there is worth the outcome. Most people are looking to build muscle, whether a chiseled, lean muscle structure or heavy muscles, know that it is not a single-day job. It is a process that involves consistency and discipline every single day.

So if you have already made up your mind to get that perfectly toned body, you might as well learn a few basics of getting it right. For building muscle, you must have a program to stick to. Read on to know what an ideal muscle-building program should look like:- 

  1. Training 

Building up or bulking muscle requires strength and stamina both in the muscular and skeletal systems. Any such transformation requires an intense routine to break the old fibers and generate new ones. As easy as it may sound, recomposing the body needs attention to every muscle group in the body. Any muscle building plan is optimal only when it covers both concentric and eccentric movements for targeted muscles. A program must cover all your body parts irrespective of age or gender. So if you are a woman and someone tells you that you must not train your shoulders and biceps, chuck that program immediately. 

Target muscle building is a narrow approach to muscle building. After all, who would like to develop one body part and leave others weak? Choose a program that,

  • Aims exercises for all body parts
  • Allows optimal repetition (6 to 8) per set 
  • Suggests correct number of sets as per your goal
  • Ensures that you build strength through progressive overload or intensity. 
  1. Nutrition 

Contrary to the common belief that you must eat a lot to gain muscle, nutrition for muscle gain is quite the opposite. Feeding your body right is perhaps another essential to hypertrophy. Of course, your body requires more calories for the bulk phase. If your program does not explicitly state how much, then it’s like shooting in the dark. An ideal muscle-building program must account for your caloric needs and then introduce a minute surplus (usually 100 to 200 calories) for consistent gains. A well-instated program will cover all aspects of nutrition, including macro-micro needs. If you wish to add steroids like the Anavar, you must first refer to an informative guide like how many anavar cycles per year. A good plan aims at starting with food as the primary source of nutrition and fulfills the rest of the requirements through supplements.


  1. Rest and Recovery 

Rest is often the most underrated aspect of muscle building. While there is a lot of information on what to do, there is little said about recovery. Yet if you study any bodybuilder closely, you will know that there is no growth without proper rest periods. The growth process starts after you give enough time for the muscle fiber to regenerate. 

Your best training program covers all aspects of recovery, suggesting rest periods and low-intensity steady-state activities. An ideal program must allow you rest days as per your goals. Sometimes you may just need a day off. At others, as much as three days. So it is good to know these nit-grits. 

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  1. Improvisation Is The Key 

No matter how much effort you put in, there will come a time when you will observe a plateau in your growth. Practically it is impossible to introduce weight to the bar every time you want to progress. So what’s the solution? Improvisation. Yes, it is possible to gain muscles with the same weights and exercise only with a bit of an improvement in your form and technique. For instance, variating exercises can hit a different set of muscle groups. 

Make sure your exercise plan not only takes care of your immediate needs but also takes into account your progress and suggests improvisation without you breaking your back. 


5. Your Program Must Be Practical

While fancy exercises and strict guidelines might look good on papers but do they match your lifestyle? A good program must be consistent to get you results, but it should also keep you sane. 

Muscle building is a stressful process both for your body and mind. It would be frivolous to work continuously without a break. You must be allowed room to balance work, family, and your personal preferences for you to stick around. For the same reason, even trained professionals go for a  cheat meal every once in a while. A little flexibility is what makes your plan perfect.

The Bottom Line

Muscle building is more like science, where definite action results in specific results. If your program is tailored to meet your needs and covers growth, nutrition, and recovery, then it is perfect. Remember, in the end, it’s your efforts that make a program successful. 

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