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5 Tips to Improve Your Instagram Feed

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To learn more about improving your Instagram feed. Forget what you thought you knew and try something new to see instant results. You need to create a visually appealing look. Thus, creating a consistent look on your feed. An overall good-looking feed gains you Instagram likes, followers and they will always come back for more. For businesses, your feed is your business card. So, you need to find your visual voice. Therefore, you need to get it right depending on the objective of your Instagram page and what you want your followers to see from your feed. Try the tips below, and you will see a difference overall. 

  1. Choose a grid layout 

The layout is how you will position your posts in your feed. Thus, through learning about a grid layout, you can know which photo to put next to which one. Once you know your way around the grid layout, you can stick to a continuous Instagram theme. Today, you can create a variety of instagram grid patterns and layouts for your feed. Choose one that speaks to your personality or blends on the theme of your Instagram. 

  1. Choose what you want to post about

How to Edit an Instagram Post - A Complete Guide | SurveySparrow
This is different from the theme. It is what you talk and post about on your feed. You express yourself on one idea you want to blog about and then you propagate your business through your instagram posts. You need to figure out what you want your Instagram to be known for with users. For example you are passionate about your small business career: post about the same, talk about topics concerning it, for they will be authentic. Your followers who love these topics will always come back for more, for they know they will find it. Thus, choose five things you are passionate about and post about them. Remember, this is your story and content. Allow your personality to shine on your feed.   

  1. Always check the background of your photos

Keep the background of your quotes and photos clean. It’s a simple tip, but it will transform your feed. If you are not keen on the background of your posts, it will distract your main subject. But, you are using it to get the attention of people. For instance, the Eiffel tower or a feature wall is part of your strategy, which is different. Also, you can opt to have a specific background color or colors, such as a white plain or white and pink, among others.  

  1. Pick a filter and use it on all your posts:

This is to begin developing a theme on your Instagram feed: the same filter will give your posts a sense of a theme being followed every time you post. You can choose from the many filter collections on the web. You can choose colorful, dark, white, fall, and more. Pick one and stick to it. Check from other Instagram accounts you follow and those using the same filter on all photos, and you will notice the feed looks consistent. You will immediately see your instagram account grow exponentially. 

  1. High-quality photos always win 

Differences Between Quality Assurance and Quality Control
High-quality photos make a difference in the likes you get on your feed. A high-quality photo is inviting and sharp, but a blurry photo is not that much. Plus, when you use quality photos, it makes people want to look at the rest of your feed. Therefore, every time you share a photo, ensure it is a good photo. Use a good quality camera for clicking your pictures in high definition and in portrayed mode to focus your audiences’ attention correctly. As you edit, add a little bit of contrast and sharpness, and create a high-quality photo. 

To conclude, the above tips will give your Instagram feed an instant new look. To make your feed look more polished, ensure you use the same border on all your photos. Also, do not forget that natural light is better for a detailed photo and is high quality. The sunset and sunrise vibes will give your photos that extra texture of natural beauty required to bring in the audience attention to your feed. If you are not using natural light, you are missing out. Finally, have fun while curating your new Instagram feed look: enjoy the process, love your feed and do all you can to make it as inviting as you can. Love what you do, get creative, and have fun planning your Instagram feed. 

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