6 Tips for Creating an Amazing Soap Label

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Why should you restrict the possibilities of your packaging after spending so much time developing your soaps? Customers will more likely buy from you if the labels are customized that enhance the sense of luxury while using the soap.

It does not matter if you are an enthusiast who makes handmade soaps as a pastime or a more prominent seller who sells soaps at fairs and markets. You will need a strategy to display your branding while also giving essential information. Continue reading to find out how soap labels can help with both of these issues.

What are Soap Labels?

Soap labels are available in two categories: the soap’s packaging and the soap bar itself. There are no unique standards for the outside packaging, which is often conventional card or plastic. However, since the surface of the soap is soapy, a high-tack or extra-permanent glue can be the most appropriate choice.

Is it Necessary to Label the Soap?

One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways of conveying crucial information to your clients is soap labels. Because of their adaptability, soap labels can be used for different purposes, rather than just listing warnings and ingredients. They also provide you with the opportunity to promote business and make your product stand out on the shelves.

Tips To Design Soap Labels

Here are some of the tips to help you create soap labels.

Use Proper Label Materials

Everyone has unique tastes when it comes to the style they are looking for. Ideally, you want to employ the appropriate materials to ensure that your product captures the buyer’s attention. Some producers mistakenly believe that a matte finish is softer and more natural, similar to satin. In contrast, others believe that a high gloss finish signifies superior quality.

If you want the haptic quality of the paper, matte paper without lamination is the way to go. The paper improves the feel of the label. There are also brown kraft labels you can use to enhance the beauty of your soaps packaging.

Not only the label materials but the printings are equally important. Suppose you have designed a fantastic label and logo, but the printing process is not good, then the label might not appear as attractive as you think it is.

Make it Readable

When creating a label, ensure that the text is readable by adjusting the font size and color.

The font size should be big enough for everyone, including those who need reading glasses. At the very least, the text should be larger than 6 points. If possible, try to build the label with the most critical information at 10 points or larger.

Additionally, the font color should be sufficiently distinct from the backdrop. If possible, choose a font color that contrasts in both value and intensity. Bright colors are ideal since they influence a customer’s decision to purchase. However, the color scheme should be determined by the product and its current visual brand style. 

Think About the Product Packaging

The size, shape, and packaging of your products will undoubtedly influence the design of your label. For instance, a little spice jar requires a much smaller label. It has to look excellent and stick out on that little area, but not much information that becomes difficult to read.

Each product comes with its distinct packaging. Therefore, while developing a product label for soap, keeping the container in mind is crucial. After all, a label that is too large or too small will not attract the customer’s attention!

Before you begin working with any other design aspects, consider the shape and size of the soaps and their position on the box. This will provide you with a clear concept to work with and an idea of the font and image you should use.

Do not forget to include your logo or branding while developing your label.

Your product label must fulfill two critical functions: it must inform your consumer about the contents of your box, and it must market your business. The former is straightforward. Utilize precise, effective wording on your label, while the latter demands extensive branding consistency.

How do you ensure that the label accurately portrays your brand? Through the incorporation of your logo! Every printed item for your business should have your brand, and your product labels are no exception. Also, ensure that the logo is clearly shown throughout your design.

Use a Smart Combination of Fonts

Every label designer understands the critical nature of contrast in graphic design. Contrasting colors or typefaces give your whole design depth, capturing the viewer’s attention and enticing them to pick up the object.

Experiment with various font combinations throughout the design process. Consider typefaces with varying thicknesses or styles; elaborate script-style fonts, for example, always look fantastic alongside bold, contemporary sans serif alternatives.

To get a similar effect, consider utilizing two distinct typefaces on your product label. Choose between an elegant and trendy design. Alternatively, match a cursive typeface with an all-caps font. Utilize contrasting typefaces to make your label easier to read and comprehend.

Create A White Space

White space is the empty area between various contents on a label. This is especially crucial in visual design since it prevents your design from getting overly congested, making it difficult for the eye to concentrate on any one feature.

Ensure that your label has adequate white space around each design element: your logo, product name, photographs, and any content should all have enough space around them so that your buyers can concentrate on one part at a time.


There are many popular shapes to pick for your labels, including circles, ovals, and rectangles that cover a piece or the whole face of your product. However, you can build labels in an infinite variety of forms and sizes. 

Something that may affect the form and size of your soap label is the packaging if you use plastic wrap to encase the soap bar or a generic box. Customized packaging can enhance your sales. Additionally, do not forget to find a reputable label printing firm to create attractive soap labels for you.

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