8 Awesome Philosophical Wisdom Quotes

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Wisdom Quotes – Intelligence is praised a lot and so is wisdom, but it’s more than just a plain funny fact that we don’t see anyone practice it. I mean, we all talk about intelligence but we hardly see it in people.

Wisdom is a farthing to reach out for at the moment, right?

Let’s not go so far…looking to the nearest that we can; how many of your friends would pinpoint at you and call you wise or intelligent?

I know friends never will call you anything good and whoever will ask regarding you;

they will term you like the most stupid person alive on earth. (saying from the experience of course)

But c’mon…there are some days when they are low and they might say something good about you (just because you might be providing them with your shoulder). Nobody needs to get hurt here. And speculate themselves as stupid.

If you aren’t wise, well you are stupid but that doesn’t make you the stupidest person on Earth.

And if you are running your life perfectly? Then kudos, you don’t need a certificate of wisdom.

Wisdom comes with experiences and it might sound weird but it usually comes with bad experiences. And in some people, it comes naturally with age.

Thanks to our media, it is hard to find wisdom anywhere these days. Uncovering your inside wisdom is tough and let’s just admit the fact that we aren’t even too eager to get wise.

We just imagine that if we get wise, we will lose the child in us. But hey, wisdom quotes aren’t standing at that road end and you won’t find it on every journey of life. Like it ain’t standing there, waiting for you and it won’t come up and to you and say:

“Hey bro, I am wisdom, its time you embrace me!”

However, if you are a person who has a lot of goals, and aim to work for, and have gone through thick and thin and has been suffering in love or whatsoever…wisdom quotes will automatically come knocking at your door.

Some of us actually get up and open that knocking the door and others prefer to go on to the next drama of their life.

Like, even a breakup can backfire the wisdom quotes in you. ( I gained the most muscles during my break-up periods)

That is only, if you don’t run into another woman, the very next day.

But sometimes, it just takes a quotation to awaken the wisdom quotes in you, you know.

Quotations are like the best motivational source ever. They inspire you in ways, nothing can!

I mean my friends can keep telling me that you need to study and I literally won’t give a damn about them. Until I see this quotation:

“Work hard in silence and let success be the noise.”

I mean it seriously does. I can just pick up my books and go into isolation for days until I need a new quotation to work me up a bit. So, you see how it works right?

Mind-blowing philosophical quotes:

So if you are in search of wisdom, in the shape of quotation…you will be glad that you have dropped by here. We have some pure inspirational wisdom quotes for you, which might shake the wise man inside you. You never know, right? So it’s time to read some of the pure wisdom quotes and see if they actually ting you somewhere in your heart or mind.

Wisdom Quotes – Self-Discipline is Everything:

No! This is not the entire quotation. Why so eager? Is the wise man inside you knocking already?

Self-discipline is everything. If you are able to conquer your mental and physical being, you can conquer anything in the world.

So basically, if you are a control freak, you are wise, huh? It seems like that, doesn’t it? Yes, it is like that. Self-Discipline is the key to success, I’m sure, you’ve heard confidence is the key to success, but trust me there so many other keys you need to have, so it’s better to have a good keychain.

Wisdom Quotes – Look Back and Say:

No, you don’t need to peek back at that hot girl of your high school…you need to look back at your life.

It is better to look back at your life and say: I can’t believe I did that, rather than saying I wish I had done that.

So what this quote really means is that you should learn to appreciate yourself in life. When you say “I love myself”, then that means not letting anything hurt you ever. You try your best to save yourself emotionally and physically. So you don’t beat yourself thinking about the past, the things you did wrong. No, you simply say I am here because of those events, those events made you the person you are today. And then you look ahead. Like how when Eminem said in his song “Not Afraid” –  …I had to go to that place, to come to this one…

Wisdom Quotes – Moment of Patience:

A moment of patience, in a moment of anger, saves you from a moment of regret.

Sounds quite an appropriate right? I mean look at the guy, no not the crazy one, the other, how patient he is.

If you cry a river after fighting with your mum…it’s better to keep your enraged soul shut off inside you.

Saves you that guilt rush though! And it definitely comes by after you have fought with your mother. It seriously does.

Patience is something that needs to be learned by practice. If you get angry pretty quickly try to hold it in, and you we see the next time, you won’t get angry too quickly. If you can’t do that, maybe you should look into some anger management program.

Wisdom Quotes – So what Two Things define you?

According to wise guys:

Two things define you: your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything.

So if you are crying about your bad times and that is the reason why you are being utterly rude to people around you…

you are the stupidest person for sure.

But then again, it is a natural thing.

Can’t humans help it right? But we can at least try it out!

Taking Courage:

Why are you taking courage? Well, you need it to become wise.

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.

That is if you get time from the entire drama mama you have around you all the time. if you stop faking who you are…you embrace what you really are and that makes you wise.

What are Happier Days:

That is and always will be a big question right? How to be happy? A great quote says:

Our days are happier when we give people a bit of our heart rather than a piece of our mind.

This is a very wise quote indeed. What it really says is that love makes you happy. We, humans, are social animals, we love to share and we love to make relations. And we do everything for those relations. If they are healthy, we will always be happier.

Oscar Wilde has it Right:

I mean I love this quote so no jokes here, what so ever.

To live is the rarest thing in this world.

Simply amazing and yes, some of us only breathe and have died too long ago within our hearts.

Does that sound too serious? Well, I guess I am getting wiser with these quotes.

The Secret of a Wise Person:

We usually say that a wise person knows everything…but here is what he knows:

A wise person knows that there is something to learn from everyone.


Being wise is all about taking a lesson from whatever life teaches you. And we all know that life is the best teacher of all.

Someone might yell their lungs out to tell you something and they certainly are right…

but being the stupid that we are; we only learn the harsh way. Yes! Life doesn’t teach you the easier way out.

A wise man knows that to learn something from everyone will benefit them. And that is what makes us wise.

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