9 Types of Protective Equipment You Must Use in Your Old Vehicle

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What type of vehicle do you drive? That is about to determine a lot where it concerns your safety. If you have an old model, then you probably do not enjoy the safety features that come with newer car models. 

But does that have to be the end of the road for you, especially when you love your car so much? Well, it shouldn’t be. 

We have news that will excite you because now you can turn any old car model into the latest version of an ideal and safe vehicle, with the help of aftermarket add-ons. You also do not need to worry about using up your whole savings in the course of the upgrade because these add-ons are very affordable and easy to install. 

Since you are very interested, stay with us, as we show you how.

1. Dash Cameras

These can be a lifesaver, especially for new drivers. With a dash camera, it is a lot easy for drivers to see the back, front, and interior of their vehicles without having to leave the steering wheels. 

Also, features such as GPS tracking, incident detection, speed camera warnings, and the likes are available on the advanced model of the Dash Cameras.

2. Smart Dashboards

This safety-inclined dashboard has a large touch screen and voice control, which makes it easy to make calls, access GPS, and other mobile apps without having to hold your Smartphone. However, installing this feature does not hinder you from filing an auto insurance claim when you need to.

That said, the smart dashboard is readily available in new vehicles, but for older cars, you can have it installed after buying this aftermarket add-on.

3. Parking Sensor

A parking sensor is very instrumental in preventing a collision. It also makes it easy to manoeuvre the vehicle because it notifies drivers of obstacles on every side of the car.

4. Internet Connectivity

The manner at which internet connectivity has improved road safety is truly encouraging. However, with the widespread use of smart phones- as effective as it is, it has also been the reason why some drivers have taken their gaze off the road. To reply to a chat or message, to their detriment. 

Luckily, inbuilt car internet connectivity is gradually changing the narrative, as drivers can now dictate messages and answer their phones without taking their focus off the road. It has equally made it easy for drivers to be informed on road congestion and conditions, on the go.

5. Rear View Camera

Are you still interested in other safety features that you can take advantage of? Well, we have more in store for you. A Rear View Camera is another safety feature that gives you a clear view of the blind zone of your car; thereby, making driving far easier. 

You also would not have to hurt anyone while reversing because it provides the right visibility of everything happening behind your car.

6. Forward-collision Systems

It is designed to sound a warning, once it senses a tendency for collision with the vehicle in front. If you are the type that drives mainly during the rush hour, when everyone seems to be in a hurry, this system will help you reduce the chances of a rear-end collision.

7. Head-Up Displays

What this does is that it allows drivers to check fuel use and speed without taking their focus off the road completely. It can also be merged with mobile apps and smartphones to alert drivers when they are over speeding or driving off course.

8. High-Silica Rubber Tyres 

Silica tires have lots of benefits. One of such is that it reduces the rolling resistance of tires when it is raining, and it increases the grip of tires, as well.

9. High-Intensity Discharge Headlights

If you enjoy driving at night, then you will find this very useful because it is effective enough to brighten up the road better than a conventional car headlight will.

If the vehicle you currently drive does not have any of the features listed above, you can still have them installed by taking advantage of aftermarket add-ons. Your safety and that of your loved ones will immensely improve with these features.

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