Avail NCERT Solutions for Grade 1 to 12 

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You can get the solutions to the most difficult questions and problems with NCERT solutions from the internet. These will help you to score well in your forthcoming exams at ease. Vedantu NCERT Solutions helps to achieve a good score suitable for a scholar’s delight. They are your best teacher and guide when you have to prepare for an exam thoroughly. NCERT is responsible for curriculum from classes 1 to 12. It is the advisory for education to the central and the state governments.  NCERT set its autonomous rules and regulations for all the CBSE schools. Students belonging to all the CBSE schools follow the textbooks recommended by the NCERT.

The NCERT solutions will help you to study the following subjects in depth. 

Grade 1

The online educational sites provide detailed solutions for the subjects – Maths, English, and Hindi. With the help of these solutions, you will get a detailed insight into these three subjects. You start learning the various concepts in maths and also learn more about grammar and literature in Hindi and English.

Grade 2

The online NCERT solutions will help you to sail through the difficult phases of learning at the initial stage. You can easily take help in the subjects – Maths, English and Hindi. It will help you to build a strong base in these subjects which are the foundation subjects of education.

Grade 3

With the promotion to class 3 you will have to learn a new subject i.e. EVS with Maths, English and Hindi. To ace the exams in these subjects you can go for the NCERT solutions. The online sites have made the solutions student-friendly so that they can learn on their own.

Grade 4

The subjects here remain the same as the previous standard. However, the study material for class 4 is of higher standard pertaining to the council norms. The available solutions will be of great help to you as you will get the answers to most of your doubts.

Grade 5

Get detailed solutions to Maths, EVS, and English to support you during doing your homework. The step-by-step solutions will explain the mathematical problems. The exercises on grammar will keep you in regular practice. The questions and answers on EVS will help you to self-assess after you have learned a chapter. 

Grade 6

Download NCERT solutions from online educational sites for the subjects – Maths, Science, English, and Social Science. The detailed questions and answers in social science and science are tailored for your best understanding. 

Grade 7

Maths, Science, English, and Social Science are the subjects of study in class 7. There are teams of proficient teachers working for educational sites that have formed the solutions according to the NCERT guidelines. Thus, you will not face any hindrance while you take the help of these for your upcoming exams. 

Grade 8

In this standard, Science becomes a difficult subject to tackle. But you do not have to worry about it any longer with educational sites’ solutions for all the three science subjects. Also get detailed subject materials for Maths, English, Hindi, and Social Science. 

Grade 9

As you near a class closer to the board exams you really need close guidance in all your subjects. Prepare with the best NCERT solutions for Maths, Science, Hindi, English, and Social Science. Excel with these ultimate solutions and score extremely well in all your exams. 

Grade 10

Brace the subjects before you appear for the board exams. Conquer the exams with excellent study materials online and come out with flying colors. Tackle difficult mathematical problems and grammar exercises and learn in detail about all the major subjects.

Grade 11

Besides maths and English you will get the solutions for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Business, and Economics. Since new subjects will be introduced in this standard, the sites have covered all the angles of these subjects to provide a detailed guide to them.

Grade 12

As you approach your school leaving exam you need to be through with all your subjects. Leave no stone unturned to learn every aspect of all your subjects. Find the solutions on the internet to conquer the exam blues.

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