AXS Token: Is It Good Crypto to Buy?

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Among the variety of coins and tokens presented in the crypto market, it is difficult to pick one worth investing in. Experienced investors recommend choosing some popular crypto assets, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and less popular tokens that have big chances of gaining value. To pick such tokens, it is essential to assess the prospects of projects representing them. For example:

  • evaluate the asset’s price and analyse its history and chart;
  • estimate the project’s popularity and application scope;
  • see how active the project is and how engaged its community.

A good example can be the Axie infinity platform that made a buzz in the crypto field when it first emerged in the market.

Cryptocurrency Axie Infinity

Axie infinity is a play-to-earn platform, meaning its participants earn crypto tokens in the process of playing games. The idea is simple and straightforward – you gather and create NFT tokens in the form of cute little animals – Axies. They can be bred and put in duels in the gameplay. How else can you generate tokens? Here are a couple of examples:

  • you can trade NFTs
  • you can create more Axies
  • you can buy land and plot, and expand your participation in the game process.

The platform is developing, welcoming more and more players who own and earn NFTs. So the more activities you perform, the more Axies you can receive. The tokens are traded on all popular exchanges, so you can earn by trading, or you can convert your tokens to real money and withdraw them. 

Axie Infinity Crypto Prospects

The more players join the game, the more NFTs are created and bought, thus, the more chances for the token to gain value. If the game loses popularity and players, its token rate will subsequently decline. Experts believe that the AXS token will reach $11.83 in winter 2022, and in the long-term, the asset can exceed $262, supposedly in 2023.

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