Best Games To Play in Pandemic

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Best Games To Play in Pandemic. Well, you’re stuck inside due to a novel coronavirus pandemic that ranges just outside of your door. People do not know what happened until the dust settles. If you need a break from this bad news, you are not alone. To protect their mental health, people want to indulge themselves in different activities to keep their minds diverted from what happens to the home or around worldwide. 

This is the time to explore the world of games for those who are interested in embracing games for the first time or for those who already have the craze for games. Here we compiled the list of best games to play in the pandemic. This list definitely keeps your intentions diverted from the viral epidemic.

Best games to play in pandemic

Granblue fantasy

If you are wondering about a game with great music, storytelling, and tons of content, yes, this kind of game exists, which is Granblue fantasy and amazing things about it is free. In this game, you become either Gran or Djeeta depending upon the gender, and you are the caption of an airship of floating Iceland. With your crew, you can fight against dragons as your journey across last Iceland’s fictitious sky. 

Ravenhill a hidden mystery

In Ravenhill, you have to find missing objects in the picture. It is a kind of puzzle. It’s graphics, calm sound and storyline make you love to play it.

 If you do not lose any level, then you can keep on playing and playing and playing. Its graphics, calm sound, and storyline make you love to play it.


It is a fantastic game in which you have to stay in bed. You have no clue how to win, no objective with no time limit. This game stimulates your ability to stay positive and mindful of your own mental state.

Zoom games

This app provides a safe way to communicate with the people during this pandemic. On the other hand, this app also offers virtual gameplay to play with your family and friends.

Zoom games include zoom bingo, chess, scattergories, and Farkle. These games are very interesting for your children to stay home and safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

Night in the woods

It is a challenge to find one’s place in the world as an adult. With its full pain dreams like losing life and attractive dialogues makes its storyline not personal but also makes it mirrorless and impactful.


Warframe is a popular shooter game today. It was a live gaming service before it became a trend. This is all because of the robust updates which kept its community humming.

Rocket league

This game is simple from its face, but as you ranked, the possibilities just keep on expanding. You experience many thrills in this game.

Super smash bros

This is a fantastic game because it has 75 characters from different video games. Its makers continue to update this with new characters. Its changing fight game formula, less focus on health, and more concentration on creative combos make it attractive and accessible.

I hope this guide is helpful for you to choose a suitable game for you according to your taste. All these games are best to play during this epidemic to calm yourself and make your mind divert from the current situation.

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