Best NFT apps to consider in 2022

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It is for sure that NFT (non-fungible tokens) has become mainstream in the past year. Even though many cryptocurrencies have increased their popularity and price, the number of NFT traded has risen over 700% from the previous year and the year before. Official information says that it has risen to around $10.67 billion from the third quarter of 2020. There are reasons why people like this currency more and more, and why many celebrities support NFT as a digital currency worth buying.

How has NFT grown?

The currency had impressive growth last year reaching $40 billion for the first time. More than $10 billion worth of NFT is sold every week. It is a quick and easy way for investors to operate in a market that is in rapid expansion. 

If you are among the newbies that are interested in investing in NFT, you should inform them about the currency that they want to buy. Many buyers are looking for unique tokens and cool collectibles that can increase the price in the future. Whatever you are, experts predict a great future for this currency, advising trading at the moment with the most favorable NFTs. 

According to experts, the top 100 collections have a worth of $16.7 billion, but in the future metaverse and play-to-earn revolution should boost the sale and investment, whopping the price in a short time. Now you can buy tokens in-game, trade inside of the game, and earn without investing real money in it. Many gamers accepted this option as the best for games that include more than one player at a time. Besides that, experts predict that the adoption of Ethereum Layer-2 solutions and the rise of rival blockchains hosting NFT should move the price and investments of the NFT economy in 2022. 

However, it is not easy to estimate the best places to invest when trading with NFT. You will need to inform about the platform’s stability, accessibility, and several satisfied users. A good platform must have good cover, acceptable fees, and all in a matter of minutes. Choosing the best NFT app is even more important.

Why are NFT applications better than platforms?

There are pros and cons to using the application when trading with NFT. The first question that you should ask yourself is what is more appropriate for you. Applications tend to offer a more streamlined approach, faster access, and easy control of each function. Many people choose the easier option, when using only a mobile phone you can trade with NFT on the go. 

Luckily, inventors made great improvements with the applications upgrades, so now you can buy and invest easily and safely on the mobile. It is for sure that listing top NFT platforms for 2022 could give you a clue where are great places for investments. However, if you are more of a phone person, the best NFT apps to consider in 2022 are worth reading. 

Which are the best NFT apps to know 2022?

There are a lot of details that prevailed when making a list of the best NFT apps to use. We considered the difficulty of access, safety, popularity, and many more. You should make your own decision according to the features we gave here.

Open Sea

A popular platform for trading with NFT now has its app version. All features that buyers like on the platform are transferred to the application. It is an excellent place to start exploring the world of NFTs, digital collectibles, and pieces of art. The platform and apps are the most popular NFT apps for unique token sales with an average of over $9.3 million sold tokens so far. One of the greatest advantages is that the application offers a wide range of products, such as artwork, game items, music, and GIFs. If you are a beginner, this is the place where you should start. Even NFT creators like this place the most, since it allows quick creating and selling of digital artwork by auction model or at a fixed price. 

NFT Launchpad 

It is for sure that this app, established in February 2022 represents one of the best places for NFT trading. It is one of the largest and fastest-growing marketplaces for digital assets. Hosted on the Binance Smart Chain and Polygon blockchains, the platform provides a high level of security. The platform features a streamlined interface and you can use it on a laptop or smartphone. When opening the homepage, you need to touch the “Explore” button to list a selection of exclusive digital assets to invest in. The list is large and includes numerous games, animations, pieces of art, videos, collectibles, and more. Each NFT has in-depth information, name of the creator, what collection it is part of, creation details, previous owners, and the price. 

Binance NFT Marketplace

For those who trade with NFT, this platform is well-known and widely used for all types of trading. Many buyers describe it as one of the best platforms for cryptocurrency in the world. The reason is mostly because of the safety, continuation of usage and stability, and wide range of NFTs that the platform offers. The platform has a massive daily trading volume, for a reason, buyers could trade with NFT easily. If you are already a user of Binance as a platform, you should not open a new account. You can easily continue with the same profile on the mobile apps, available on iOS and Android phones. They charge only a 1% transaction fee which is more than affordable. This app also offers a long list of NFTs, including art, sports, gaming, entertainment, and more. A special feature is the “Box” button which, by clicking on it, opens a completely randomized NFT. In that way, the app favors a rare asset for a lower price. 


For people who loved Tamagotchi – interactive digital pets, this is a well-known name in the digital world. It is a type of game, but part of a larger collectible with a long list of various attributes, including collateral stake, random traits, kinship, experience, and accessories. The game presumes collecting bears and trading with them on a special platform. Like every other mini-game, it is very attractive, simple, and usable on the phone and laptop.

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