What’s The Objective Behind Playing the Black Queen Card Game? Learn About It Here

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Are you always excited to explore new types of card games? Are you looking to experiment with a new card game at your next family get-together? The popularity of playing cards has been very high since the beginning. Since the inception of card games, the culture of playing cards has become a common practice for almost every household with every family get-together or friend’s party ending up with card games.

Some of the most popular card games include poker, rummy, blackjack, bluff, etc. But do you know about this interesting card game called the black queen card game? To understand the concept of a black queen card game, let us dig deeper into the nitty-gritty of the game and how to play it. 

The black queen card game allows a maximum of 4 players, with 13 cards per player to begin.

What is the Black Queen Card Game?

The black queen card game is one of the most popular variations of the game of hearts. The game is also called a black lady game and the mean card in question is the Queen of spades which is valued at 13 points. The black queen card game or the black lady game was initially known as the Discard Hearts game and the game revolves around the Queen of spades. You can play the game with a maximum of four players, but if you are playing with only three players, all you need to do is discard a single card out of the deck to ensure each player gets an equal number of cards.

The game is played with the standard deck which consists of 52 cards with the jokers discarded from the game before it begins. The ranking of the cards is also similar to all the other card games with 2 being the lowest rank card and ace being the one with the highest value. The other formalities of the game are the same as any other card game with the distribution of the cards to follow a clockwise pattern. Additionally, each player begins the game with 13 different cards.


The main objective of a black queen card game is to ensure that you do not score any points. This is because the end winner is the player who has the least number of points and the winner is announced once any player reaches the maximum points of either fifty or a hundred. Unlike any other card game with the value a point range of a queen is 12 points, in a black queen card game, the value of queen of spades is 30 points.

In a black queen card game, the value of the queen of spades is 30 points, which is the highest in any card game. 

Before we jump into the rules of the game, you need to know that the basic play format of a black queen card game requires each player to pick and pass three of their cards to their opponents. The passing order is first during the first deal when all players pass the cards to the player on their left. During the second deal, each player then passes three of their cards to the player on their right. During the third deal time, the players have to pass three of the cards to the player across them and during the fourth deal, there are no cards that are passed around. 

Rules Of A Black Queen Card Game

There are no strict guidelines that you need to follow that guarantees that you will win the next black queen card game that you play with your friends or family members. However, there is a certain set of rules that are designed specifically for a black queen card game and these rules include the following.

  • The first rule is that the number of cards per player should be limited to only 13 cards in the beginning. Additionally, the maximum number of players should be not more than four as each player should receive an equal number of cards before the game begins.
  • The format of distributing the cards is the same as any other card game with each player getting one card at a time in turns.
  • To win the trick and lead the next round, a player will have to secure the highest-ranking card in their pocket.
  • You cannot form any kind of partnerships or pre-planned formations or use trump suits to win the game as it does not exist in a black queen card game.
  • The rule that decides the movement of cars in the game is simple as each successive player has to discard three cards and receive three of the previous player’s cards to continue the game.
  • Every player has to follow the same suit until and unless they do not have any cards of that suit and so need other cards to proceed with the game.
  • All the cards with the heart suit contribute to one individual penalty point.
  • One of the most popular rules in the black queen card game is called shooting the moon. In simple words, if one player gets all the 26 different penalty points including the cards of heart suit as well as the Queen of spades, that player is announced as a clear winner in the game.

Overall, to conclude, it is not necessary to practice and play this game only when you meet your friends and family members. You can also now play this game online on any of the digital gaming platforms. The speed at which online gaming platforms are being introduced to the current population is tremendous as the demand for online games is higher than ever before. 

One of the major reasons behind this increasing popularity of online gaming platforms is the convenience attached to the idea of playing your favorite games from the comfort of your couch at home. These online platforms have games of different categories that suit all different age groups and genders. The best part about these platforms is that they not only give you a base to improve your choice of a game like a black queen card game, but they also provide monetary incentives and cash prizes to all the winners. So, do not wait and join an online platform today to practice all your understanding about the black queen card game in a real game scenario.

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