4 Proven ways of Building your Personal Fitness Brand

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Whenever the new year rolls around, many people start making New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and shape a hot new bod. Some may even go one step further and hire a personal trainer to help them achieve their fitness goals. But you aren’t the only personal trainer out there: there are many others, all vying for business and clients.

To stand out, you’ll need to build a strong personal fitness brand. Having a compelling brand will also have clients lining up to hire you, even if your services aren’t the cheapest. Check out these four tried-and-tested ways of establishing your brand as a personal fitness trainer, and bringing in more clients in the year ahead.

1. Hand out business cards

There’s that popular saying in the personal fitness industry that “Your body is your business card”. Well, that is true to a certain extent. Because when people see how fit you are, they’ll be convinced that you know your stuff—and that you preach it, too.

But what are people going to do after seeing you? They’re going to walk away, forget who you are, and have no way of contacting you. After all, they can’t take your body with them! So you’ll actually still need physical business cards, which you can hand out to potential clients when the opportunity strikes.

First, go design and print a business card if you don’t already have a deck of them. (Use a graphic design platform to DIY one if funds are limited.) After that, you can use personal fitness Steven Gourley’s top tactic for marketing yourself effectively with business cards:

‘When you’re working with a client in the gym, look for another gym member who is attempting a weights exercise by themselves, but isn’t doing it right.’

Go over to that gym member, and correct their technique so they don’t injure themselves. After that, give them your business card and offer them a free session. People love free stuff, so chances are they’ll say yes. And who knows, they might also become your client!

2. Share your own personal fitness journey

Everyone has a story. What’s yours? Specifically, what made you get into personal fitness?

Some people may have decided to get fit after being endlessly teased for being a chubby kid in school. For others, they may have been inspired to work out after watching fitness reality shows like Ninja Warrior or The Titan Games on TV.

We bet that you, too, have an interesting story that launched your personal fitness journey. So don’t hold it in—share it so that your audience can follow along. The more you share, the more relatable you become to your followers. They may then become loyal fans, and even hire you if they need a trainer!

Just take it from personal trainer Mike Vacanti, who posts YouTube videos of life updates, such as his experience quitting alcohol, as well as videos of his own fitness programs. People love his candor, and regularly leave comments such as “I love your videos!” and “Awesome content” on his videos. As of writing, Mike has around 25,300 followers and it isn’t hard to see why!

3. Create eye-catching posters of your workouts

Exercise techniques are one of those things best taught using visuals. You can describe the right exercise techniques verbally, but you’d still need to show the technique in action to help clients understand them. So why not do so using fitness posters?

When you capture the posture in a fitness poster, you can potentially educate many people at once by sharing the posters online. Not only that: fitness posters are also perfect for promoting new content on your blog, YouTube channel, or some other social media platform.

If you’re worried about not having graphic design skills, though, don’t be! Graphic design platforms like PosterMyWall offer templates of fitness posters that you can customize through a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor.

Personal trainer Joe Wicks is an ace at using graphic design to promote his personal fitness business. When you look at his Instagram feed, you’ll spot well-designed poster graphics among the stream of photos.

Here’s one such fitness poster publicizing a new 15-minute leg burner workout video, which racked up a cool 3,100+ likes:

4. Showcase the results you get for clients

You can sing praises about your fitness programs all you want, but nothing speaks louder than cold, hard proof that they work. Show off the improvements that your clients have managed to achieve—whether it’s losing a certain amount of weight in a month, or a new fitness milestone (such as doing their first successful pull-up).

For example, TikTok user and personal trainer @rajifitgirl posted this video of her client’s progress after three weeks:


My client’s body transformation in 3 weeks. This girl is on fire🔥🔥 #fitnesscoach #personaltrainer

♬ son original – صانعة السعادة🌚🌸✨

The video is only 10 seconds long, but the improvement is obvious.

When you feature your clients’ accomplishments, they might just inspire your non-client followers to sign up for your programs. Because if you can get such amazing results for your clients, then you may be able to do the same for them, too.

Before you publicize your clients’ efforts and results on any of your platforms, however, make sure to get their permission to do so. Some clients may be camera shy and will let you feature them only if you don’t show their faces. Meanwhile, others may not want their full names to be published. Have an open discussion with your clients to reach an agreement that works for both of you.

Build your personal fitness brand like how you build your body

Your personal fitness brand shares some similarities with your body: you’ll need to constantly work on them if you want them to be in tip-top shape. Sure, it’s all right if you take the occasional cheat day to indulge in ice cream and pizza. But if you neglect your body for weeks, you might notice the flab start to build up.

Likewise for your personal fitness brand: if you don’t regularly make an effort to build and promote it, you could lose the X-factor that attracts clients to engage you over a competitor. So if you’re still deciding on your New Year’s resolutions for 2022, then make a plan to maintain a strong brand as a personal trainer this year. It’ll go a long way in keeping your business fighting fit!

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