3 Business Opportunities While Being at Home in Arizona

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Life after Covid is still about finding ways to work from home. While many are eager to return to the office, there’s been a revelation that the world can still turn if people work from home. In fact, many jobs seem to be more efficient without the restrictions of the office. Not to mention how work from home can help parents with small children or those with disabilities. There’s also the fact that recent job shortages are giving people the pick of gigs. Working from home can be your status quo if you want.

There’s also the possibility of just going into business for yourself. The shift to online business has created opportunities for all kinds of new businesses to start. You just have to identify where the need is in your local community, as well as what skills you have. These two things become the pillar of any successful small business.

So the first question becomes what kind of business to start. You might even have a head full of ideas already but be warned that there are a few things that haven’t been tried by someone else already. Not that you can’t succeed where someone else failed, it’s just that you shouldn’t bank on your idea is the idea to end all ideas. Count on the fact that people have been exposed to this idea already, and focus on how you can do it better. This is especially true if you live in or near a big city like Phoenix. That thought can be tough–it seems like all the most profitable ideas have already been taken and done by big companies. Yet if you adjust your thinking, it can be comforting. The foundation is already there, you just need to think of how you can build on it in a unique way.

Continuing with this idea, an established industry could be the place to start. Restaurants and blogs are all over the place, but that just shows how viable they still are. All you need to do is find a niche that others haven’t covered. You can start by honing in on a specific community or service, thus targeting a smaller clientele that’s willing to pay more because you offer exactly what they need. Your business might not go big right away, but you can still pay the bills by offering the right thing for certain people in Arizona. Here are three ideas to get your brainstorming started.

Travel: Guiding People To Arizona

Travel as an industry is in an interesting place. On one hand, travel agents as a whole have been threatened by the internet. Anyone can go online and compare flight prices to find the cheapest or get promo deals for resorts. This has caused travel agents to focus more on serving groups and corporations. These customers pay more to have their arrangements taken care of for them. On the other hand, people all over the country are eager to travel again after being locked at home for a year.

Your role here could be to help people travel to Arizona and have a good time. You can’t compete with agents for that corporate money, but you could help solo travelers or families see the sights of the state. As a local, you probably know better where to find the deals for popular attractions. Even better, you know about the best restaurants and events that aren’t as famous as the Grand Canyon. You could start a travel blog focused on Arizona, and perhaps seek partnerships with local businesses. Or, if you have the connections to get clients, you could even be a bit of a concierge and make arrangements on behalf of travelers for a fee.

Sports Betting: Get In On The Ground Floor

Arizona sports betting is a very profitable industry that’s making a lot of waves. The state makes millions in revenue from sports betting per month. There’s clearly a very spirited group of sports fans in AZ that want to throw down cash on their favorite teams. You could take on betting yourself using the generous welcome promos offered by the many betting platforms operating in the state. These can give you free plays or extra money in your account so that you can bet with less risk,

If you want something more concrete within the rising sports betting industry, you could run a site that offers betting tips and tracks odds. Sports betting enthusiasts would certainly appreciate any data they can get that might increase their odds just that little bit more. You could also look into creating a YouTube or social media channel that gives betting tips. These are probably a clearer path to sponsorship as companies are always looking for hot new social pages to back, but also carry some risk.

Food Services For Certain Diets

Everyone’s heard of Hello Fresh or Blue Apron at this point, and a huge number of people have tried one or the other. The idea of healthy meals based on exciting new recipes being delivered to your door is tempting. It combines the ease of eating out with the heartiness of home cooking. While you certainly can’t compete with the volume of content offered by these services, you might be able to succeed by focusing on your community.

As we learn more about medical conditions and our bodies, there’s a need for more special diets. You could start a meal delivery service that caters to people with certain diseases or diet needs. Think fibromyalgia or low fodmap. Such people are probably not used to being considered at restaurants and would pay well for a service that delivers tasty food to them. This one will require some research, and cooking skills, but could take off if done well.

Starting a business is tough, but it is doable. All you need is solid research, drive, and a new way of looking at existing markets. Well, that and luck, but you won’t need so much luck as long as you have a solid plan. Good luck!

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