How can I get my CCNP and CCIE recertified?

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The CCNP Cisco exam is popular with the name of the Conducting Cisco Unified Wireless Site Survey (CUWSS). Associating with the CCNP wireless certification this exam has its own significance. For accessing the capability of the candidates in planning and conducting a wireless site survey this certification is incredible. The major aim of this exam is to check the skills in conducting post installation assessments for ensuring compliancy and designing the RF network. It can be prepared by taking the help from the course that is available online. The significance of this course can never be denied because it provides the complete knowledge about the curriculum. You can get more info about Cisco CCIE recertification

Exam Topics to cover 

The Cisco versions 2.0 exam consists of 45-65 questions that have to be solved in 75 minutes. The curriculum of the exam is given below.

  1. Conduct Post-Deployment Assessment                   26%
  2. Design the RF Network                                              12%
  3. Conduct the site Survey                                             30%
  4. Plan for the site Survey                                               16%
  5. Prepare for the Site Survey                                         16%

About CCNP and CCIE exam

CCNP is the exam that is associated with the CCNP Wireless Certification. It is a 90 minute exam that contains 50 to 60 questions. For checking the skills of the candidates in configuration of wireless security components, proper implementation of security standards, best practices, security policies, recovering the security threats and secure wireless networking, the certification is designed.  This exam is held in English language only. It can be prepared by taking the online course. It is the most authentic way to qualify the paper in an easy way. 

Exam Topics to cover for Cisco

  1. Integrate Wireless Network with Advanced Security platforms                                                                         11%
  2. Configure Native WLC Security Feature Sets: IPS/IDS                                           11%
  3. Translate Organizational and Regulatory Security Policies and Enforce Security Compliance                                            11%
  4. Design and Implement Guest Access Services                                                         12%
  5. Implement Secure Wireless Connectivity  Services                                                 22%
  6. Design and Integrate Wireless Network With NAC                                                  11%
  7. Integrate Client Device Security                                                                                    22%

How to prepare Exam?

It develops the strong IT skills to support the developing of studying advanced topics related to Exam. They are making able to handle the all functions and knowing the all operations, without fear. This will give them, the foundation for understanding the concepts and its applications. Candidates learn the basics they need to solve the problems. Candidates are motivated to solve the sums independently and confidently. It is designed by the expert faculty. For more information you need to click here. It is the platform that is very easy to access. 

Taking online help is the best way to increase the score because you can get the question answer modules and the other resources are available here. You can have the live chat with the tutor. Learning is not the solution of this exam. It can be done through practicing the sample tests. The candidates are encouraged to learn the time management for solving the questions in the given time. 

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