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4 Ways To Turbocharge Your Sports Good Company’s Digital Marketing

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Let’s say you own a sporting goods store that sells everything from concealed carry apparel to weightlifting equipment. But you find that Amazon is eating into your business more every month. What should you do? 

Fortunately, there are many affordable ways highlighted below to tune up your digital marketing campaigns so you can compete with your major competitors.

Conversions Are What It’s All About

When you place your marketing ads on Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, and others, it’s nice if you get a lot of leads coming to your website. 

But if they see your website and offerings and don’t buy anything, you’ve spent a lot of money on window shoppers. 

You can get a better return on your investment by focusing on data and metrics. You and your team will need to dig through your site and sales data to determine what your customers and prospects are most interested in. 

Which products do they want? When are they interested in them? Which part of the country? Which social media platform provides the most conversions for a specific product? 

It’s essential to hire data professionals who can scour all of your sales and other data to figure out how to get as many conversions as possible from your marketing campaigns. 

Improve Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your SEO team should be an integral part of your digital marketing campaign efforts. Your SEO experts should be sure that your site’s content has been optimized adequately for critical keywords that you’re using in your campaigns. 

Check out the tools at Moz so you can see how well optimized your site’s product pages are and figure out where you can make things better. For example, it will help your conversion rate if your Google Ads send leads to perfectly optimized pages using the ad’s marketing copy keywords. 

Create A Killer Content Strategy

Content is the key to your digital marketing campaign. With so many businesses selling the same thing you do most of the time, you’ll want to blow the competition out of the water with the content offered on your site and social media channels. 

If you write great, user-focused content, you’ll notice over months that visitors stay on your site longer, convert more, and your total site traffic should soar. 

At a minimum, plan to have two or three part-time or full-time content creators who know how to craft engaging content that informs your reader with insights they cannot glean from anyone else. When you put out that quality of copy regularly, it’s only a matter of time until the conversions come. 

Also, the content should be so good that your readers want to share it with others. Check on how often content pieces are shared with others. If you don’t get many shares, it’s time to reassess the quality of the content provided. 

Always Remember To Study Google Analytics

Most marketing teams use Google Analytics, but you should know more about it than your competitors. Find out about the most valuable and hidden functions in Analytics that can teach you how prospects interact on your landing pages and when they leave and why. 

The more you learn about the robust tools available at Google Analytics, the better you can finetune your site to appeal to your customers. 

As you build your sporting goods business, you will face a lot of competition, and some of it will come from overseas, where they charge less than you do. But you can beat them if you learn how to spend your digital marketing dollars most efficiently and build killer campaigns. 

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