Ways to Boost your Customer Service with VoIP

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Ways to Boost your Customer Service with VoIP

There is no doubt that the first impression your customer has about your company is through the interaction with your customer support representative. And, it is this first impression that is going to set the tone for the kind of relationship you will be able to build with your customer. Customers might call for inquiring about your company or service or getting any information they are interested in. They have greater expectations and want personalized services to fulfill their needs and if you are unable to satisfy them at this point, chances are that you have lost their interest and willingness to do business with you before they even get to experience the product or service you are selling. Therefore, you must pay equal if not higher attention to your customer support as you do to your operations.

With the advancement in technology, several tools have emerged in the market to cater to the customer support department’s needs for businesses of any size. One such technology is the VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone. In simple words, it is a phone service that you can use over the internet providing you with limitless integration possibilities. 

Big companies have been able to earn a strong repute in the industry by maximizing the efficiency of their customer support service through the incorporation of VoIP technology. For instance, Spectrum has been able to make its way among the top providers by utilizing better strategies to improve its customer support services. Customers calling Spectrum customer service phone number never go unimpressed by their exceptional customer support service. 

It is a fact that in modern times, no business can make a remarkable impact in the industry without working on its customer support department and making use of technological tools to improve customer interactions. VoIP is an excellent option to cope up with the increasing demands of your customers regarding exceptional services. VoIP phone systems are being used increasingly to provide better customer experiences and respond to customers more efficiently. 

Ensuring greater accessibility, VoIP allows employees to be more available to the customers to provide more assistance. Thus, leading to a larger number of happy customers that in turn results in higher acquisition and retention and higher revenues that can be sustained over the years. So without further ado, let us look at how your customer service can be boosted with the incorporation of VoIP. 

Voicemail to Text

In case any employee was not able to answer a call, they can make use of voicemails to get back to the customer. VoIP systems enable the voicemail feature that allows recording of audio files that are sent to the employee’s email address. This way the employee can get back to the customer as soon as he is free from what he was taking care of at the time of the call from the customer. This helps avoid any frustration of customers and provides them faster responses. 

Virtual Receptionist

The optimized auto attendant feature is an effective tool that offers to organize calls and create better brand awareness. This virtual receptionist can greet customers in a better way and provide them a more impressive menu design. The menu presented to the customer is a list of different types of possible customer queries assigned with numbers. The customer presses the number that best fits his concern and is directed to the relevant person who will be able to guide him best, as opposed to being directed from one person to another and repeating the same story over and over to find a solution.

The main goal of customer support is to offer greater convenience to the customers and juggling around between people in frustration kills that goal. An auto attendant ensures enhanced customer experiences by helping to lead the customer to the correct person in the first instance.

Acquiring a Toll-Free Number

No matter if your business is big or small, obtaining a toll-free number at a lower price with VoIP can prove to be very beneficial for a business. After all, businesses need to create strong repute in the market. A toll-free number can make your business more accessible to the customers. This ultimately results in better sales and revenues. Geographical locations are no longer a barrier, a toll-free number helps connect your customer to you without being charged additional cost expenses. 

Making Use of Direct Phone Numbers

VoIP also provides the advantage of making use of direct phone numbers or extensions. All employees can possess their direct phone numbers. It is the maximum availability and assistance by the customer support representatives that can create more customer satisfaction. So instead of speaking to a new representative and repeating the background over and over, customers can have the option of calling the person they have started dealing with until their issue is resolved, giving them a personalized experience.

The integration of mobile numbers with a business phone network can allow representatives to be more reachable to their customers round the clock. In such cases, it is the VoIP number that is displayed to the customer instead of the employee’s private number. Therefore, the employees don’t have to worry about giving out their number to strangers neither do the customers feel uncomfortable because they are disclosing their personal information to someone who maybe isn’t even an employee of the company. 

Maximum Conversions

Every business grows when its sales increase. VoIP plays a central role in ensuring a seamless connection between your customers and customer support representatives that eventually leads to better communication. The more accessible your customer support service, the greater the number of customers who are likely to call. This, in turn, increases the probability that more customers will be purchasing your product or service. This leads to increased conversions and a stronger brand image. VoIP allows a more active customer engagement that is needed for making loyal customers and portraying a clear brand vision.

Analysis of Customer Call Experience

Using a VoIP phone system allows you to keep a track of the number of calls received the timings and duration of calls. It also helps you find out the hold time of the customers. All this information plays a vital role in designing better strategies and improving the system for being able to cope with the demands of the customers. This data also provides insight into employee training needs. For instance, analyzing how long does a customer call last on average before the customer makes the purchase, or how many customer calls ended too quickly, etc. can help decide if an employee needs more training to improve his or her skills further. 

Greater Flexibility

Using a VoIP system makes a business more flexible and provides greater convenience to not only the customers but also the employees. They are not bound to stay at their seats to take calls rather they can use their mobile phones or home phones to answer calls coming on their work lines. Therefore, employees are more flexible and can work remotely which may result in higher employee satisfaction as well as performance because they have the option of working remotely instead of taking a day off in order to take care of personal affairs Better Internal Collaborations.

Using a VoIP system not only allows better communication with the customers but it can also be used to enhance internal collaboration between the employees. Companies make use of VoIP systems to hold phone conferences to discuss how to further improve customer experiences. A VoIP system can also be integrated into your customer relationship management (CRM) system so that your customer support agents have access to the customer’s details and history on the same platform while on a call.

Cost Control

Switching to a VoIP system can help you cut down costs since it offers a comparatively cheaper option for calling. If your business involves more international calling, you can save a considerable amount of money by lowering your call costs largely. 

On the other hand, it also provides the organization an opportunity to increase the number of their employees as per the requirement of the business without preparing office space for them first. With VoIP service, anyone can work for you regardless of his or her geographical location.

Answering All Calls

VoIP phone systems make it possible for you to attend maximum calls. If you want that none of your calls go unanswered, VoIP can help you achieve this goal. VoIP call forwarding feature can be used to forward calls to the external agents.  Customers can also be allowed to call back whenever they want. 

Wrapping Up,

VoIP system is a great initiative to bring greater benefits to your business and let it grow. It can help build a better brand reputation among consumers. Updating from a traditional phone to a VoIP phone system can have a huge impact on maximizing accessibility, providing better assistance, avoiding long hold times and improving customer experiences. This, in turn, increases sales and allows your business to boom. 

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