Everything You Need to Know About Downloading Tiktok Videos

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Everyone is familiar with those 30-60 seconds videos, ranging from funny to sad and even heartbreaking. All of those videos stem from the one and only videos app TikTok. It formerly functioned as Musical.ly, which was launched right after the sun on Vine’s existence set permanently. Musical.ly – almost as similar as Vine – took its place overnight and was an absolute hit in the world. It was, quite recently, a few years ago, revamped, transformed and relaunched to the world as TikTok.

TikTok is quite popular, not just among the masses, but also among celebrities. In fact, there have been beautiful instances of people rising to fame because of the very same app. It is primarily a videos app, where users can make their videos by adding audios, effects, adjustments and a whole lot more. There are many ways to download and save TikTok video. Many people are attracted to the app because of the accessibility of the videos; as there is also an option where people can download any of the videos that they like on the app and save it on their phone for later re-watching. Apart from that growing engagement is also an important fact for TikTok users. So they often find ways to buy TikTok followers to grow faster. 

An amazing feature is that these videos can also be downloaded if even if you are not logged in, or better yet, don’t even have an account. There is no need to download and save these videos to the device with the help of a third-party video downloader. However, if you are using it on your computer or laptop, you will have to download them with the help of an external downloader for downloading assistance.

Ways to download TikTok Videos

  1. Directly:

This option is applicable to most of the TikTok videos that are out there. All you have to do is long press on the video you like and when the option comes, click on ‘Save video’. Otherwise, you can just click on the share button and then choose ‘Save video’ that comes alongside other sharing options.

  • Video Downloader apps:

This is perfect when there are some videos that just can’t be downloaded. There are a number of video download apps that you can get. A search bar is provided, where you copy paste the video URL. After choosing the right settings, click on download – and it will be on your phone in no time.

  • Online video downloaders:

This is especially useful for computer users. It is not really feasible for them to take a whole software on the desktop, when they can quite open the online video downloaders and start the same process as is required in the app – nothing new, mind you.

  • Add-ons:

Add-ons are a great boon for people who use computers. There are a number of add-ons on the internet that specifically concern videos, some of which are multi-functional and get you videos from many of the platforms. Search for the one which can not only download videos from Facebook and YouTube, but also from Instagram and TikTok. These add-ons generate several download options, out of which you can select the one which is preferable.

While TikTok is pretty open about its policies, including that of sharing, some of the videos would still need help to be downloaded. This is where the above-mentioned ways would come in handy.

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