The Environmental Impact of Bitcoin: What Environmentalists Have to Say?

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Bitcoin has faced all sorts of issues. But, unfortunately, it has not remained untouched by the environmental impact. One of the biggest obstacles that concern bitcoin is that large-scale bitcoin mining leads to environmental hazards. Through this article, we will know about one major news going around regarding the negative environmental impact of bitcoin. You can visit the website to know more.

One of the major obstacles that most bitcoin mining firms face is the unavailability of cheap energy. In New York, a mining firm came up with a fantastic solution. But, the solution alarmed the environmentalists. The name of the mining firm is Greenidge Generation, and it runs its moth-balled plant near Seneca Lake. The firm produces 44 megawatts to run almost 15,300 computer servers. It also sends additional electricity to the state’s power grid. But, the megawatt of energy for mining bitcoin will be enough to offer electricity to more than 35000 homes. 

Environmentalists view this as a climate threat. They fear that fossil fuel will do more alarming to the public than good. Most environmentalists have asked the state to deny the revival of the company’s air quality permit. They have also asked the state to put brakes on projects like these, as these can have severe environmental hazards.

The present condition of our climate, which is already in a poor state, demands strict action on cryptocurrency mining. But, unfortunately, we all are already jeopardizing the ability of the state to meet the climate goals. 

Initially, the company used to run a coal plant in the region surrounded by glacial lakes. Then, the plant was converted by Greenidge. The company has been producing electricity in the plant since 2017. The mining plant started the mining process last year. As per the company CEO, they were on a mission to bring a piece of the world’s digital future to New York.

For more than a decade, the region was promised new industrial settings. But, as per Greenidge, they are creating the opportunity. Moreover, as per them, they are not violating any environmental laws and standards.

Miners unlock the bitcoin tokens by solving many complex puzzles and problems. With the rise in bitcoin prices, the puzzles and sums become even more complex. Moreover, it requires more power from a supercomputer to solve the sum. Thus, energy use varies each day. 

As per a statement by Greenidgem, they mined almost 729 bitcoins in the last three months. The competitors and opponents are angry that the company applied to run a power plant, but they have now started running a mine. On the other hand, the company replied that the mining was never a part of their plant. But, they also provide power to the grid. The company uses only 58% of the power for mining, as per the official comment. 

Supporters see these circumstances as a boon for New York. The plant has created almost 45-high paying jobs and has contributed to the area’s development through tax and capital investments. 

Environmentalists also believe that the plant is causing a potential effect on the water in Seneca Lake. But, air quality has taken centre stage in the issue. 

On the other hand, the company believes that it is following all compliances and the plant is carbon-neutral. They are also making investments in carbon offsets like forestry programs and other environmentally essential projects. 

Environmentalists opine that the plant is undercutting the effort of the state to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the coming decades. In a recent meeting, many environmental organizations have asked Kathy Hochul to deny the permit to the company. They have also asked the government to take stringent steps to prevent the area from becoming a mining state. As per environmentalists, there are almost 30 plants that can be coveted to mining operations. 

In a press release, environmentalists said that they wanted to know if the climate law is worth anything or not. Senates have also asked the environmental protection agency to keep checks on the issue.

No doubt, the digitally active world needs a digital currency. But not at the cost of the health and well-being of our future generation. Let us see what happens next in this case.

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