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Foolproof Tips On How To Get More Instagram Followers

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Every business these days is online. More and more people are transitioning to doing everything online — what’s convenient and how the world is going. Instagram is an online hub of activity where you can show your personality, build a following and promote your business, and is an excellent place to begin. Before you jump on board, it might help if you have a couple of foolproof tips on how to get more Instagram followers.

Tag your location

When you post to Instagram, be sure to click the box underneath the caption field that says “Add Location,” then select your place of business. When users browse through photos in a specific place, they will see yours. You can also go back and add a location to photos you’ve previously posted.

When you tag your location, there is the added benefit of getting noticed by other Instagram users in your general location.

Targeted Hashtags

If you want to get more Instagram followers, you need to make it easy for people to find you. Using the right, targeted hashtags makes it easy to find, while tagging your location lets people know where you are.

But don’t go overboard with the hashtags. You still have only 2200 characters to work with, including spaces! So if you use lots of hashtags in every post, there won’t be any room left for the important stuff.

Make sure you’re using the same handle across all your social media platforms too. If people want to find you on Facebook or Twitter, they should do so without much effort.

Interweave targeted hashtags with the utilization of

Post a Variety of Photos and Videos

Before you can share your life with Instagram followers, you have to build up your following, and that can be easier said than done if you’re just starting. Here are some steps that will help you get more Instagram followers.

Post a variety of photos and videos. Multimedia is king on Instagram — studies show that posts that include multiple photos or videos perform better than usual posts, which means more likes and comments for you. It also gives your audience more ways to engage with you — and more reasons to follow you in the first place.

Include captions on your posts. Captions are another way to get people involved with your content by asking them questions or telling them what’s happening in the photo or video. They’re also one of the best ways to add context when sharing something from an event or place — which is not only fun for followers but encourages them to comment and learn more about it from your bio.

Ask People to Follow You

Your friends and family are most likely your first set of followers. If you have just started an Instagram account, ask them to follow you.

This way, you can start building your community and your following. They can even share your new posts with their friends and colleagues.

You can ask your family and friends. Personally, ask them to follow you if you think they might not know about this network or might not be interested in using it.

Ensure that the people from your email list sign up for your Instagram account.

If you have a blog or website, add a Follow button. This will let your readers or website visitors easily find and follow you on Instagram.

Arm Yourself With the Right Tools

If you want to create a professional-looking Instagram feed, you need to use the right tools. As a photographer, you must invest in high-quality photography equipment. If your photos look good, it will entice people to follow your account even more. As a social media presence, one fine tool is

Optimize Your Account

You will get more Instagram followers if you optimize your account. Ensure that all the information you have posted on your account is accurate and up-to-date. It would help if you also came up with an interesting bio that will entice people to click the “follow” button.

Always Use A Call-to-Action

Use a call-to-action (CTA) in all of your posts. This could be as simple as directing people to comment or asking them to tag their friends. Including CTAs in your posts can help drive engagement and increase the chances of getting more followers.

Create A Viral Loop

Creating a viral loop is one of the best ways to grow your followers on Instagram. How does it work? You have a group of people that you follow, and they have a group of people following. Over time, if you interact with those people and the people who follow them, those people will start following you back. You’ve created a loop.

So how do you create this loop? One of the best ways is to like every photo in your feed by double-tapping each photo. This will increase your engagement and get your photos in front of more people who may start following you. When they do, try to interact with their followers as well.

Another great way to create a viral loop is to comment on other people’s photos, especially right after they post them. This makes sure that your comment is one of the first ones everyone sees when they look at the photo. If someone comments on a photo after it was posted an hour ago, chances are no one will see it because most people don’t scroll down on posts that old.

Now, Grow Your Business FAST

If you need followers quickly, start with Try these steps to increase your followers, and then use a bit of creativity to attract more fans. This is not easy, but it can be done. The great thing about social media is that there are no rules for success. You can build up a following on multiple platforms or just focus on one—your call. Be true to your fans (present and future), and they will stick with you!

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