Google Certification Training Courses List 2021

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Every global citizen is aware of the monopoly Google has created in the digital space. Google is present everywhere, from search engines to android to mail client and as a result, Google courses have also established a dominant presence in the digital space. 

Google is the highest benchmark in terms of global tech giants. It is one of the most influential companies in the 20th Century. Its current market cap is nearly 850 billion USD. Google’s latest developments have been in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Self-Driving Cars, Google Assistant and Google Home. All of which have been highly successful. 

A career in Google is a dream for every software engineer and is a highly coveted Job title in the IT sector. However, not every individual gets the chance to work in Google, and Google has introduced several certifications which can equip the candidates with the proper skillset and latest information for jobs in the IT department.

Google Certifications

These Google certifications are credentials offered by Google to under-graduates or any globally recognized equivalent to improve the current level of skill and ability. Most of the Google certified courses specialize in the fields of digital marketing and SEO items and analytics, and this includes the functioning of Google Ads and Google Analytics. Earlier, this certification was done via the Google Partners Program. 

Here is a list of a variety of models in the Google courses list:

  • Google Marketing Platform
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads 
  • Cloud 
  • YouTube

These are the platforms on which the Google Certifications are based on. In these Google certification Professionals teach the working of these platforms and inculcate activities in the form of projects to help the candidates gain experience in working with the media.

Types of Google Certifications 

Google provides for several certifications in the fields of business, video tools, advertising and shopping. Once you complete the certificate, you are likely to use this while performing daily tasks. Along with this, it is also a valuable addition to your resume. 

These Google certificate courses help unlock the full potentials of the digital platform and expand your landscape. These are some of the best Google Certifications which are available:

  1. Google AdWords

Google AdWords is one of the most efficient ways to utilize the full potential of all digital platforms as the digital market is showing growth at a rapid pace. Google Adword not only helps with data and analytics but also provides access for some useful digital marketing tools. 

This course is mainly for individuals aiming for a successful career in the digital marketing industry. To become a Google AdWords certified professional, you have to appear for a fundamental exam in the digital marketing sphere and pass with a minimum score of 80%. 

You are required to finish an exam of 100 questions in 120 minutes. Post this certification, and you can become a freelancer or help companies improve their services online.

  1. Google Developers Certification

This certification is a representation of expertise in the field of application development and networking. After completing the certification test, you can utilize this certification to uplift your networks, tasks to your liking. 

This course offers a wide variety of online study content along with teacher-driven preparation to pass in the certification test. Once the procedure is completed, you are inducted into the Official Google Certification registry. This is a coveted designation on a variety of platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

  1. Google Cloud Platform Certifications 

Individuals who wish to work in the ecosphere of Google or with the Google Cloud Certification should take up this course. It is an excellent course for vocation and self-improvement. 

This course is gaining appeal among professionals as it maintains a minimal cost and has a rudimentary test structure in the exam for the allotment of the certifications. It is observed that this course offers a high reward to risk ratio, being highly beneficial for professionals. 

This course helps professionals in the Google Cloud departments improve their skillset as well as their resume.

  1. Associate Android Developer

This course is for candidates who have an aptitude in the field of Android Developing and wish to kickstart their career. The test to obtain this certification is a presentation-based examination which depicts that you can perform the procedures an average Associate Android Developer can. 

The test is currently performed in Java, but the support for Kotlin will be available shortly. This course is the perfect example of obtaining the necessary boost in starting your career and learning the skills to be proficient in the respective field. This certification is also a valuable addition to your resume.


Google online courses hold a lot of value and can help you progress in your career. However, it is important to get the right training to prepare for these courses. You could benefit from the various training programs that IT training experts, Koenig Solutions, have to offer.

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