Should You Hire Professional Movers or DIY Your Relocation?

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Whether it’s a move across town or the country, they all have one thing in common, relocating is stressful. Gathering enough large boxes, securing enough small boxes, securing valuables, it’s all enough to make a person want to cry. While hiring professional movers is another option, there may be another set of issues with going that route. When choosing between going DIY or hiring professionals, consider a few points. 

Making an easier DIY move 

There are dozens of little details to take care of when planning a move, and having an army of trusted friends, family, and volunteers to help out will help the process go smoothly. Whether they are breaking down a heavy sectional or packing up an entire bookcase, you will need some help, and this includes your vehicle. Consider using car transport services for long moves to save some time and aggravation, and that’s one less worry.

For some people, holding control over the moving process can be empowering. You have complete command over gathering supplies, boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap. From the finer details to the bigger picture, it’s all on you, and you have absolute authority to complete things precisely as you would like. While some personality types would find comfort in this level of control, other people might completely shut down under the enormity. By now, you should already know which side you would fall.

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DIY isn’t for everyone

Navigating a DIY move is not for the faint of heart. This decision will require taking an honest inventory of the task at hand and your ability to complete it. Begin this by looking at the area that will need relocating. Are you packing up and moving the contents of a one-bedroom apartment, or are you single-handedly attempting to empty a five-bedroom house with a full garage? 

How far away is the new residence?

The distance can also play a part in making this decision. DIY may work out well if you are moving just across town or a few miles away. Small distance enables you to complete multiple small trips back and forth until you have finished the move. However, if your move will take you from Maine to New Mexico, a distance of around 2,500 miles, multiple trips will probably not be feasible. 

How much time will it take to arrive?

Time is another factor to consider when deciding on hiring a professional mover. One of the main advantages of a DIY move is to take your time carefully sorting and packing up your possessions, but sometimes, this is not possible, especially for big moves. 

Moving thousands of miles away will still require time to get from point A to point B. Sometimes this timeline will depend on things outside of your control, and you may be required to arrive in less time than it will take to pack at a comfortable pace. 

So, are you thinking about hiring a professional mover?

There are times when hiring a professional mover makes more sense. These people are, after all, professionals armed with the experience and the know-how to keep things running smoothly. But hiring a professional is not without its share of considerations.


Let’s deal with the elephant in the room right away; hiring a mover will cost you substantially more money than attempting a DIY move. According to Forbes, the average cost of a cross-country move can add up to more than $10,000. And a local relocation for an average three-bedroom house will cost around $1,500. 

Tipping individual members of a moving crew is also a standard practice in most areas. The amount is part of the moving cost. This amount is above what the moving company will charge you. 

They are a one-stop-shop

Moving companies are professionals in this space. If you decide to hire them, they will have everything you need to complete the move. You won’t have to make emergency runs to the nearest packing supplies store to frantically gather tape, boxes, and bubble wrap. With professionals in your corner, they’ll take care of it all–from the moving blankets to the dollies. This experience can come in handy when packing up and securing your delicate valuables. 

In the rare event that anything is damaged or destroyed in the move, moving companies offer insurance to give you some additional peace of mind. Still, some people prefer personal oversight of how some irreplaceable items are packed up and stored for the trip.

A word about time

While moving, companies know how to pack up an area quickly and efficiently, which works well if you need to clear out of a place in a hurry. But once your stuff is packed up and loaded into their truck, it may be some time before you see your stuff again, mainly if it’s a busy time of year. 

Contracting with a professional mover means losing some flexibility in timing your move. Moving companies schedule pick-ups and drop-offs at times that make the most economic sense for their bottom line, and they may be hauling a load containing packages for more than one customer. The driver may have to drop off another load to someone else before reaching your new residence.

Container moving

Using self-storage containers for relocating is a relatively new concept. Many people find containers attractive for moving because this relocation model combines many of the best things about DIY and professional movers.

Container moving begins by contacting a container storage company and telling them your plans. The company will deliver the storage container to your residence, giving you time to pack and fill it at your leisure. The container company then picks up the container and redelivers it to your new home. 

Many people find this concept appealing because it gives them more control over the packing and moving process without making them feel like they are ultimately going it alone. 

Wrap up

No doubt about it, planning a move is stressful. Contracting with a moving company can remove a lot of the stress, but at a cost. If you decide on a DIY move, it’s crucial to know your limitations and not take on more than you can handle, physically or emotionally. 

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