How do I Get CompTIA Certified?

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Security breaches and cyber-attacks take place more frequently than we ever thought years ago. Cybercriminals have become more intelligent than ever. With the increasing adoption of technology for every possible task, we are the ones responsible for opening doors for cybercriminals. 

Cyber-attacks may happen to an individual, a small business, or even the most prominent organizations. We are aware of the breaches that have occurred to Facebook, Yahoo, and Capital One, and the list is really endless. 

Every company is going to become a tech company sooner or later. So, every company is going to be open to cyberattacks. This is why companies across the world are looking for cybersecurity experts. Trained, skilled, and certified cybersecurity professionals are in demand across every sector, regardless of the organization’s type, size, and location. 

There are many cybersecurity certifications that can help you make your career in this domain. CompTIA is one such non-profit trade association that comprises more than 3000 business partners and 2000 member organizations. It focuses on training and certifying IT pros in the field of cybersecurity.

A cybersecurity professional is typically tasked with identifying vulnerabilities, detecting cyberthreats, and implementing required changes. 

CompTIA certifications are the most sought-after certifications in the world of cybersecurity. CompTIA Security Training can be your next big step towards making your career in this domain. 

Let’s have an overview of certifications offered by CompTIA. 

CompTIA Certification program Overview

The certifications awarded by CompTIA are vendor-neutral and are regarded as one of the best certifications in the tech world. They are industry-leading credentials that enable you to start or grow in your tech career. CompTIA is there to help you whether you are on your way to getting your first tech job and wish to acquire an entry-level certification or you want to advance your career in the field of cybersecurity.

Let us have an overview.

CompTIA certifications are categorized by skillset. There are four categories, namely Core, Infrastructure, cybersecurity, and additional Professional certifications. 

Core Certifications: these credentials are specifically designed to let you acquire core foundational skills and include four certifications, namely:

  1. IT Foundations+ is an entry-level certification that emphasizes the IT foundation framework
  2. CompTIA A+ emphasizes user support and connectivity of devices
  3. CompTIA Security+ emphasizes cybersecurity skills 
  4. CompTIA Network+ emphasizes connecting core systems with endpoint devices

Cybersecurity Certifications:  these credentials include cybersecurity certifications. These include:

  1. CompTIA CySA+ (Cybersecurity Analyst)
  2. CASP+ (CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner)
  3. CompTIA Pentest+ (Penetration Testing)

Infrastructure Certifications: these credentials are designed to complement the Network+ credential. These include:

  1. CompTIA Server+ (server support and administration)
  2. CompTIA Cloud+ (virtual system administration, hybrid cloud, and network storage services)
  3. CompTIA Linux+ (Linux Operating System administration and management)

Additional Professional Certifications

This category has various credentials that fit into other foregoing career paths and include CompTIA CTT+, CompTIA Project+, and also CompTIA Cloud Essentials.

How to get CompTIA Certification?

Following are the steps you should follow in order to attain your CompTIA certification.

  1. Choose the IT Certification you wish to attain

As stated earlier, there are many certifications awarded by CompTIA that are specifically designed for various career paths. Research them properly and match your interest so that you can achieve your career goals. To learn about different career options and related salaries, you can go through CompTIA Career RoadMap and CompTIA Career Pathway so as to decide on which certification best suits you. 

You can choose from many certifications from entry-level computer software and computer hardware to advanced skills including cybersecurity, IT Security, cloud computing, and IT networking.

  1. Know Your Certification Exam Well

Now that you have decided which certification to go with and what would be the career path, the next step is to familiarize yourself with the certification exam. Before getting your hands into training, understand all the aspects of the big picture of the certification exam. 

To know it well, you are required to download the practice test questions and the exam objectives to see the topics that are covered and the type of questions that usually come in the exam. While you cannot get the same questions as in practice tests, practice can make you perfect. You will learn how to manage time and answer the questions within the time limit. It gives you an idea of what all can be in the exam so that you can build your confidence for achieving success. 

  1. Start Learning and Training for your certification exam

After you get acquainted with the pattern of your certification exam and the topics covered, now it’s time to start learning. 

If you have planned for self-study, you should chalk down your plan first. Note down the topics you already know, and the ones that are yet to be studied. Divide the time accordingly and start learning. Take mock tests to perform self-assessment.

If self-study is not your cup of tea, there are plenty of resources available in the market that try their best to help you out and pass the certification exam in the first attempt itself. To go hassle-free with your preparation, it is strongly recommended that you take up an online training course. 

  1. Register Yourself and Take up your certification exam

After getting done with the training and learning, it’s time to take the exam. You are required to buy your exam voucher first. Then, look for a Pearson Vue testing center near you and then get yourself registered for the exam. You can see how can schedule your exam and what can you expect before, during, and after the certification exam by going through CompTIA Testing and learning about different exam options. 


CompTIA certifications can help you significantly in starting or advancing your IT career in different domains. For any of the certifications, you can take up an online training course. There are many resources available, like that of Simplilearn, that possess all the features that an ideal training course should have. 

You can have trouble-free training and rest assured that you will get best-in-class training as well as career guidance to make sure that you get your dream job. 

Enroll Yourself Now!!

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