How To Best Manage An Agile Team?

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What is an agile team?

How To Best Manage An Agile Team? In software development, an agile team is an efficient project team assigned to an agile project. Agile approaches demand that all the requirements and solutions are handled through the collaborative effort of self-organizing and cross-functional teams. The working methodology of an agile team is that the whole team puts all their efforts on one project at a time and does not spread across multiple projects simultaneously. This strategy puts every team member to give its best to produce the end product or service.

Benefits of having an agile team:

Agile teams have found out to produce the end product much more effectively and efficiently and that is why having an agile team is appreciated to a great extent. Below-mentioned are some benefits of having an agile team in your organization.

  • It leads to team efficiency as your team tends to perform even well.
  • Your team develops the ability to adapt to different changes over time.
  • Improved communication and quality is achieved.
  • Consistent focus on customer experience leads to happy customers and therefore a happy organization to work in.

Key strategies to manage an agile team:

An organization is only as adaptable as its members, whoever said that is totally right because this is exactly the case in an agile team. If the members are willing to work hard and adapt easily to any change, only then the quality of the end product delivered would be satisfactory. Different key strategies are applied to manage an agile team, a few of them are mentioned below.

Maintaining Continuous Learning:

A team can only perform well and contribute towards the success of an organization when the team is continuously learning something new. If you as a leader are not pushing them enough and just keeping them work under comfortable conditions then in no way will they be able to think out of the box? Thus for them to perform excellently, everyone has to come out from their comfort zone and face some challenges and learn something new.

Maintaining the coordination cycle among team members:

As a leader, it is your responsibility to maintain a coordination cycle among the team members. Now by that we mean, you need to make sure that whatever you’re expecting from your team is clear to them as a crystal. Another meaning of coordination here is that as a leader or manager, you need to communicate frequently with your team members and discuss with them about their strengths and developmental pursuits. This will contribute towards providing richer information for talent resourcing. When you have a clear picture of who is capable of doing what, you can easily give them tasks according to their skills.

Trust your team like never before:

To boost the morale of your team members and make them feel like home, you need to trust each one of them as much as you can. If for some reason, you have never shown trust in them before, then now is the time to do that. Team members when develop this feeling like they are being trusted, they would tend to perform even well.

Seek and use feedback constantly:

Feedback has always been one of the best ways to analyze how everyone is doing and where and what needs to be improved. Same like in an agile team, you as a manager or a leader has to make a habit of not only taking feedback from the team or customers constantly but also convert them into your strength. This feedbacks have the most accurate and honest information about what your team is doing and where they need to improve. And only you can use them to make your team a better one. So make a habit of seeking and using feedback constantly.

Respond to change:

Many people don’t like change or want to respond to change and that is why traditional agile teams used to just blindly follow the plan given to them and deliver the product. But what they were missing here is that sometimes changing your strategy to create a more valuable product is in fact a good thing to do. Change has always been a valuable tool for creating great products. So you should give such training to your team that they have the right tendency to respond to change and deliver an even more valuable product. Scrum being the most widely used agile framework has a relevant certification that validates skill on building a good agile/scrum team. To evaluate your skills, you can take CSM Practice Test having relevant scenario-based questions on Agile and Scrum Master Basics practices. ScrumAlliance’s CSM (Certified Scrum Master) ensures that scrum and agile practices are implemented within teams and organizations.

Lead your team with patience:

As a leader, there are many things that you have to overlook, ignore, or just tolerate because you are the boss here and have to pay for the mistakes of your team. Being a good leader demands that you lead your team with as much patience and tolerance as you can or even more at times. You must consider your team to be your family who is all depending on you for guidance, who are all going to make a lot of mistakes which you have to help them rectify without getting angry. So, you have to be strong enough to tolerate all of it and lead your team like never before.


As you can see that having an agile team not only benefits your organization and customers but the team as well as their working strategy is quite organized and clear. So all you need is to put in a little effort and make your team trust you and them being trusted by you and then they will be performing just the way you want them to. So forget about the traditional agile teams and how they used to work and start learning how to manage an agile team according to the latest strategies and ways and never stop learning.

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