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Architect students generally wonder what a house plan is and what preparations they have to follow when they draw a house plan. In this quick guide, we will help you understand the prerequisite to adhere to when drawing a house plan and how EdrawMax lets you draw a house plan effortlessly.

A house plan is a two-dimensional illustration of the entire house from a top angle, usually referred to as the bird’s point of view. Architects and building engineers draw floor plans before they start the construction process so that their client or the property’s owner can visualize how their house will look post-completion. When an architect draws a floor plan, they include several important details of the house, like:

  • Dimensions
  • Measurements
  • Measuring Unit
  • Legends
  • House Plan Symbols
  • Location of room and bathroom;
  • And more.

Most of the time, architects also include furniture, equipment, and other related elements in their house plan drawings.

Often, these house plans include complete blueprints of floor plans and additional construction details, like fireplace directions, supplies, cabinet arrangements, and more.

There are different ways to draw a house plan, but with the advancement in technology, architecture students are looking for tools like EdrawMax, which would help them create house plans easier.

Preparations for Drawing a House Plan?

Before an architect goes ahead and draws a house plan, there are some preparations they should do to avoid unnecessary costs, delays, and mistakes from the construction department. Some of the most common preparations for drawing a house plan are:

  • Calculating the Budget: An architect should discuss their client’s budget before starting out and drawing a house plan. Budget and other finance-related matters should be discussed beforehand, as it only helps the architect understand how much their client can spend on their project.
  • Understanding the Requirements: As an architect, one should always get to their clients first. If the client enjoys a particular lifestyle, the architect will create large or small spaces in the rooms. Similarly, the architect will create multiple rooms if the client has an extensive family.
  • Include Elements: Even before one starts drawing the house plan, one should consider making a list of the number of rooms, doors, windows, and other important elements which their client would require once they settle down.
  • Measure Every Detail: It is always advised to visit the site before drawing a house plan. This gives the architect a sense of reality and helps them understand the measurement of every space. They would learn more about the internal and external environmental factors impacting their house plan design by visiting the site personally.
  • Future Requirements: Remember to discuss the future requirements of your client before drawing the house plan. Discuss what kind of structure they would like to add after five years, as it will help you create the design effectively.

How to Draw a House Plan Effortlessly

If you are looking for an enterprise-grade solution to draw a house plan effortlessly, we recommend downloading EdrawMax. This free house plan software includes all the important elements required to create a 2D house plan for your ongoing needs. Follow the below-mentioned steps to draw a house plan in EdrawMax:

  • Login & Launch: The first step that a building’s expert needs to do is to download and launch EdrawMax in their system. If looking for the web version, then check EdrawMax Online. Once you are in the system, register or log in using your email address.
  • Choose Template: Head to ‘Engineering’ diagram type and click on ‘Building Plan.’ You will find several pre-built outlines for Floor Plans, Seating Plans, Elevation Plans, and more. Click on ‘Home Plan,’ and you will find several pre-built templates ready to use. In addition, head to the ‘Templates’ section on the left and look for ‘House Plan.’ In the template community section, you will find several user-generated house plan templates you can duplicate and customize per your requirements.
  • Work from Scratch: If you have expertise in creating house plans, click on ‘+’ and head directly to the EdrawMax drawing canvas board and start working on the house plan per your requirements.
  • Add Elements: This free house plan software comes with expert-level symbols and elements required to create a detailed house plan. In the library section on the left, you will find house plan symbols/elements, like Doors and Windows, Wall Shell and Structure, Dimensioning, Carpet, Kitchen and Dining Room, Sofas, Tables and Chairs, and more. Add elements from these categories as and where required in the house plan diagram.
  • Export: Once you have successfully created the house plan with EdrawMax, you can export the design in multiple formats, like Graphics, Word, Visio, HTML, and more. In addition, this free house plan software also allows you to share your house plan via email or on social media platforms like Facebook, Line, and Pinterest.

Free House Plan Software

As you saw here, EdrawMax is one of the best 2D graphic tools for making wonderful house plan diagrams. There are several amazing features of this free house plan software, like:

  • Built-in templates: EdrawMax has 1,400+ pre-built templates for all diagram types. From building plans to network diagrams, flowcharts, swimlanes, science diagrams, and more, you can create over 280 diagrams in this house plan software. As a registered user, you can also publish your template to the template community to inspire other users who are willing to make different house plan diagrams.
  • Industry-standard symbols: As an architect, one requires access to industry-standard symbols when one works on complex house plans. At EdrawMax, you will find house plan symbols for every use. From HVAC symbols to elevation symbols, there are over 26,000+ symbols ready to use. 
  • Connectivity Tools: EdrawMax is built on a vector format, ensuring that you do not have to worry about the size and shape of any symbols you integrate into your house plan design. Furthermore, with the built-in connectivity tools, your designs look professional and industry-level.
  • Export as you wish: With EdrawMax, you can export your house plan designs in multiple formats, like JPEG, SVG, HTML, Docs, CSDX, PDF, and more. In addition, you can directly present your house plan diagrams offline to your team.

Final Thoughts

When you create a house plan, you should ensure that your design should be used in the real world. To do that, you require a tool efficient enough to help you correctly design house plan diagrams. If you have ever wondered how to draw a house plan easier, then the answer lies with EdrawMax. This free house plan software comes with free symbols, themes, and templates and has an extensive online community that provides you with the resources required to create complex house plan diagrams.

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