How to Get an Extra Phone Number

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Whether you want to have an extra phone number as part of your burner phone, or just to have another number to toss out to people who want your digits (even if you don’t want to give them), getting an extra phone number seems hard, because with the right set of circumstances you can keep your first phone number with you for life.

However, getting an extra phone number doesn’t need to be a massive hassle, and whether you connect your extra phone number to a burner phone or not, they can provide some extra options for you whenever you need to give out your phone number to people.

An Extra Phone Number Is Great For Privacy and Control

If you are running an online business, getting back into the online dating world, or just focusing on signing up for things with a second number, then an extra phone number can really help you out. By ensuring that you have an extra number where you can assign different people, it allows you to screen calls you don’t want, and also know who is calling you.

For example, if you are using one phone for your business and also for your personal calls, then you don’t want to be picking up personal calls during business hours or answering a business call during your personal time. Having two numbers with one for business and one for your personal use, can allow you to see whenever people are calling you and what number they are calling.

Extra phone numbers have all sorts of advantages, but how do you get one? Well, for starters, you can get a burner phone or a burner app.

Let Your Second Number Burn

A burner phone is a cheap phone that is designed to be used for a certain period of time and then thrown away whenever it is no longer needed. Most burner phones come with phone numbers that can be used anonymously from their SIM cards, and once you are done with the cell phone you can dispose of it and the number.

But there could be a few reasons why a burner phone isn’t entirely for you. For starters, even though the phones are very cheap, you might not want to keep spending a lot of money on SIM cards and phones, or you might not want to contribute to the landfill whenever you throw them away. If you want to keep the comfort and amenities of a smartphone, then you can use a burner app.

What Is A Burner App?

Various burner apps allow you to create new disposable numbers on your smartphone and forwards the calls from those numbers onto your regular phone. So the person calling you sees and dials the fake number from the burner app, while the call gets forwarded to your real number which the caller never sees.

These apps act as the middlemen, where you don’t need to worry about buying and discarding dozens of burner phones or having to discard several phone numbers. Instead, everything is done within the various applications, and it is much easier to get and maintain a second phone number rather than having to purchase more and more burner phones.

Get An Extra Phone Number With A Google Voice Account

A Google Voice account is also a way to offer a second phone number to your account. While the free version of Google Voice is able to have you select a number which then forwards everything to your phone, the Google Voice for Google Workspace option is the real way to get a second phone number.

This gives you a brand new number, as well as several other features. If you are using Google Voice to place calls from everywhere and accept voice calling from all of your devices, having a second number to redirect calls to is a very important feature.

Look For Other Apps

There are various other apps such as Textfree, Hushed, and Flyp that also give you one or more disposable phone numbers, and although most of them have subscription or monthly based payment needs, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t worthwhile. You can take a look at these applications and see which ones are worth it to you, because they will get you that extra number.

Get a Second Phone Number for SMS With

SMS-man is a global provider of virtual phone numbers from over 300 countries. So you can get an extra phone number to receive SMS online. This will be especially useful for those who need multiple accounts in social networks, messengers and other applications where SMS verification is required. Getting an additional number with SMS-man is very simple, it will take you no more than 5 minutes. Go to and see for yourself!

Get Your Extra Number And Use It Wisely

An extra phone number might seem like a massive hassle, but it can be an extra help to people who want to better screen their calls and have control over when they answer them. Finding an extra number, whether with an app or with a burner phone, can give you some serious control and ensure that you only pick up the phone for people you want to talk to.

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