How To Pass A Urine Drug Test: Top 5 Ways That Are Famous In The Market

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No other one-liner can be more frightening for a regular marijuana user than “You have to take a urine drug test.” This seemingly harmless statement is enough for the most rational individuals to search online to determine how to pass a urine test. Although medicinal and recreational marijuana has increasingly become legal across the USA, it is still standard practice followed by employers to request a THC urine drug test for employment or require employees to submit to random drug testing.  Look out for employment drug test near me. 

Here, we explore various tricks such as using synthetic urine products online to get negatives on your urine tests which you can attempt to avoid detection of marijuana.

Pass a Urinalysis By Using Detox Drink or Pill

It would help if you stopped consuming drugs at least two days before the test in the first step. Drink the whole liquid for THC detox from the Champ Flush Out bottle in the subsequent stage. Before drinking, ensure that you shake the bottle well. Once you have consumed the liquid, wait for about fifteen minutes, refill with water, and drink. 

Urinate once or more, and then face your test. The liquid contains Riboflavin which gives the yellow color to urine, thereby masking the dilution. It also contains Creatine monohydrate to elevate your creatinine levels. If the indicator is too low, the drug screening checks will know the sample is diluted. The presence of caffeine in the form of Guarana acts as a diuretic to increase urine output, and Milk Thistle detoxifies the liver.

Cheating the test by using a Marijuana detox drink

A specialized cannabis detox drink can be the ideal solution to reduce the THC-COOH concentration in your urine on short notice. Several THC cleansers are available in the market, and some are more effective than others. All of them use dilution to cheat on drug testing. Marijuana detox drinks claim to dilute prescription drugs and THC metabolites for the test. These detox drinks contain diuretics, which will make you urinate more frequently. This technique will not permanently remove the metabolites from your body, and it will drastically reduce the THC-COOH concentration.

Most cannabis detox drinks will need you to increase your fluid intake by drinking lots of water before your test. You may require more time or potency to cheat on the tests depending on THC levels in your body. Thus, you should see if a particular detox drink is suitable for your marijuana consumption. Another factor you must consider is your body weight when trying to pass a THC test with these beverages.

Use synthetic urine or someone else’s urine sample.

This approach doesn’t require any detoxification process. Instead, you must either substitute a fake urine sample or find another person who can provide drug-free urine for you. 

This method only works if you’re not under observation during the sample collection procedure. However, direct observation of employees is rare for workplace drug testing. A supervised test is mainly conducted for high-risk individuals on athletes, on probation, and in the military.

There are several clean urine kits available for purchase in the market. These kits have a waist belt and hand warmer to give fake urine a warm temperature, just like the real thing. This is an essential feature because it can raise suspicion straight away if the provided test specimen is cold. 

Home Remedies

One can try to get clean urine for the drug test. The Certo (Sure-Jell) Method, involving fruit pectin, can act as your primary defense just before the test. Buy a pack of Certo or similar fruit pectin. Get a 32-ounce Lemon-Lime Gatorade and a gallon of drinking water. Get hold of some Vitamin B12 or Vitamin B2. Mix the Certo and Gatorade until thoroughly combined, about three hours before the test is due. Drink it down and finish off with some water. 

You must drink that water and be sure to go to the toilet three or four times before you need to do the test. When there is just one hour to go, drink the Vitamin B to give the urine a bit of color, finish the water, and you should be ready to go.


The dilution technique works by drinking the maximum water possible to dilute the sample. Theoretically, the more water in the sample, the lesser the metabolites there will be. This could work, but the testers will likely note that the urine is dilute. Taking some Vitamin B or Vitamin B12 about an hour before you go for the test can help improve the color. The downside of this technique is that the testing authority can ask for a second test later.

Bottom Line

With the drug tests, the more time you have, the better. One week can be plenty of time. If you have a week before the test, you should combine a detox program with drinking a lot of water, healthy eating, and maximum exercising. You can start with detox products such as Champs detox pills dosage to clean it out thoroughly. The basic detox rules apply – drink lots of water, get exercise, and use a product that entirely cleans your system. These simple techniques can assist you in passing your drug-related urine analysis tests.

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