How To Play Indian Poker On GetMega 2022

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Poker is among the most played card games around the world. Poker is always a busy game, whether in casinos, house parties or online platforms. People love trying their luck and skills at this fun game while earning money. Indian poker is widely popular throughout Africa, America and Asia. People wager mini to large bets while playing. You will find players engrossed in the game of poker at most houses and clubs. Even villages indulge in this game to spend their leisure.

While poker has always been a part of the Indian lifestyle and has been played for a very long time, people today need not always meet to play a hand. Since the pandemic, we have been maintaining distance, which has become our way of living. Busy lifestyle, transferable jobs, illness etc., bars us from meeting and greeting each other every weekend. But does that mean you cannot play Indian poker anymore? Of course not. Great online platforms like GetMega have brought you the luxury of playing poker and hundreds of other games from the comfort of your home. You can either engage in an online game or invite your friends for a virtual poker round.

If you are excited about the aspect of playing poker and other games virtually with your friends and looking for a reliable platform, read on. We aim to introduce to you one of the best gaming portals in our country besides discussing Indian poker.

A Little About Indian Poker

Indian poker is your basic poker and all elements of traditional poker. It is called so because it represents the feather on the Native Americans. It is packed with the adrenaline rush, strategies and, of course, money. The monetary aspect of this card game elevates its value without diminishing the fun part. A deck of cards containing 52 cards is all you need to play this amazing game.


We have divided the gameplay of Indian poker into two parts to facilitate understanding for beginners. The objective is the end you will look forward to achieving, and the setup is how it is played.


Your primary objective is to have the best hand when playing poker. However, even if you do not have a solid combination, you need not always lose. If you outwit your opponents, you can win the game very well.

The catch of the game is that you will be able to see your opponents’ cards but not yours, and you must make a move based on only the opponents’ cards.


The game begins with a dealer assigning one card to the players each. All the cards are dealt face down so that one does not look at the cards while being distributed. Each player is entitled to see the others’ cards, and the round begins.

Playing Poker

In the first round, every player must make an opening bet called the ante. Select the amount of money you want to bet and add it to the pot. Once that’s done, you can now start with the betting. You have three options and must decide based on your opponents’ cards. You have the options to call, raise or fold.


If you have decided to call, you must bet the same amount as the player before you wagered.


Alternatively, you can raise the betting amount, and the player opposite you must raise that amount to remain in the game. This is generally done when a player sees his opponent’s weak card. Make sure your raised amount is equal to the current wager.


To fold is to quit, and you must forfeit any amount you have raised. If you think your chances of winning are slim or negligible, folding is the best option.

The betting round may consist of several turns or may get over quickly, depending on the risk appetite of the players involved. With the betting phase coming to an end, the showdown commences.


This is where all remaining players show their cards, and the one with the best card wins the game and takes the pot home.


GetMega is emerging as one of the best Indian platforms for players. It is not only a hit for only Indian Poker but also has several other games for participants to enjoy. This online portal has given thousands of people the chance to win handsome daily rewards.

Perks of Playing Indian Poker on GetMega

World-class Experience

GetMega offers you a world-class experience of gameplay. It has a wisely curated catalogue of games and allows players to have a gala time while earning money. The user interface is smooth, and it is easy even for beginners to navigate.

Polish Your Abilities

Now you need not wait for a gathering of friends or family to play your favourite Indian poker. You can now play it anytime on this website and polish your skills.

Minimal Entry Charge

You must pay an entrance charge for every game, but don’t worry. It’s a nominal fee and won’t hurt your pockets. You can get a lot of prize money if you win the game. Most games have a prize fund of over 180% of the entrance fee. So if you win a game, you are surely taking your money and more back.


Many online gaming portals lack transparency, making it difficult for honest players to trust them, but with GetMega, you need not worry about such a thing.

Popular Payment Methods

You can use any popular online payment method to deposit and withdraw your money. You must submit your details, such as PAN card data, address, photograph etc., to be able to withdraw. The cybersecurity of this platform is top-notch, and thus do not worry about your information being traced. They are safe.

Indian poker is widely loved by people worldwide, and one should not miss the opportunity to play it. GetMega brings you the unhindered chance to play at your convenience and win more than you can imagine.

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