How To Recover Deleted Files For Free

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Sometimes you have forgotten to backup your office files which may be necessary for your future use and you do not have enough time to create all of them again. It is the same as you deleted your favorite memories accident and this put you in a worry. You had never thought that one day you will lose them and we know that it is hurting.

Sometimes you are making an assignment for your college or university and it may be lost for any reason. We are here to help you to get rid of any worry so don’t be worry about anything. There is much software that is helpful to you to take your deleted data back but one of the best software that makes your work easier is Stellar Data Recovery.

Stellar Data Recovery:

In different recovery software’s stellar data Recovery made its own place by giving an excellent performance to its users. It is a normal thing that you may lose some important files by your own mistake but you realized it after it’s too late. May you go to the shop for recovering your data and spending many dollars on this but still you are in doubt that it will work or not.

Take a look of the features of this software are following as:

  • Survey files before you secure them
  • Recover your files in three easy steps
  • Recover any kind of files
  • Recover Data from composition media
  • Rebuild files from corrupted Volume

How Stellar Data Recovery actually works

You can recover your data by the help of Stellar Data Recovery software in following 3 steps:

  • Choose File Type:

Select the file that you want to recover if you want to recover pictures select Media or you want to recover office files or some important notes select documents, after that click next.

  • Choose Recover From:

Select the exact folder that you want to recover or drive and then tap on scan.

  • Scan and recover:

After the scanning select files and click on recover to save recovered data.

Stellar Data Recovery is free recovery software that helps you to get back your lost data. This software can recover your up to 1GB totally free. This software available in different categories it depends on the use of you like if you just want to recover your images, videos and documents then it’s totally free.

If you are using the professional account of stellar you would be able to support Unbootable System, Optical Media Recovery, Create Disk Image, and HDD Cloning but you can avail these facilities by paying. The most expensive account of Stellar Data Recovery is for Toolkit users in which you can recover everything that you want such as Virtual Drive Recovery, Creation of Virtual Raid and recovers data from Linus and Mac Drives (HFS, HFS+, ext2, ext3, and ext4). 

Stellar Data Recovery for Windows:

Stellar Data Recovery for windows can recover data which was deleted mistakenly. Stellar software can prevent you for losing your most important files such as images, videos, office documents, assignments or many other effective files that can play an important role in your life. It can recover data from all devices.

It is one of the top recovery software for your windows and can fulfill your all needs at once. It is a 100% safe way to recovering data and easy to use. It may also decrease the chance of virus infection. This software has a huge impact on the market just because of its amazing performances.

Stellar Data Recovery for Mac:

If you are searching for the best data recovery software then you are at the right place. Stellar Data Recovery free edition gives you an opportunity to recover your lost data for free up to 1GB for your Mac. Without wasting your time download Stellar Data Recovery free edition and get many benefits without paying a single penny. If you want to get a trial of it for free then you have to download Stellar Data Recovery software for free.

It is 100% secure to use and free from any viruses threats.  If you have a large amount of data that you have to recover then try it’s the most popular professional account in which it gives you Partition Recovery, Raw Recovery, and Drive Monitor. It is free for download but has to pay some money while using this software for the above-mentioned Recovery options. 

You can download the software from here:

Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition for Windows

Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition for Mac

The version of the software is and it is available in 6edition (Free, Standard, Professional, Premium, Technician, and Toolkit). Every edition depends on the use of the user. It allows you a single user for the software. The languages supported by this software are English, German, French, Italian and Spanish and it released in September 2020.

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