How to Stream VR Games to Your Smartphone

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Oculus Rift or HTC Vive seems too expensive for you to take the first steps in the world of virtual reality? Then we have a solution for enthusiasts that will give good results as soon as possible. To do this, you will need the Trinus VR tool (available on CHIP DVD), a smartphone, and an inexpensive headset, such as virtual reality glasses from Samsung. However, VR advancement and close integration of devices causes risk. So you need to consider a reliable antivirus of your smartphone that will help to enjoy the VR gaming experience and to be on the safe side. For example, you can take a look at TotalAV antivirus to decide if it meets your needs.

Trinus VR allows you to stream the contents of your PC screen to your smartphone. Thanks to the gyroscope of the smartphone, you can quite naturally look around in virtual reality without directing the camera with the mouse. Moreover, a conventional input device, such as a keyboard or joystick, can be used. In principle, in this way, any Computer or PC software can be displayed on a smartphone in virtual reality, since the tool always transmits the content of the active window. The program gives the greatest pleasure when transferring games for the PC in the first person.

Technical Features

Trinus VR is a fairly advanced software that allows you to generate 3D content. If to speak about the features, the primary one is streaming video over a wireless or USB connection. Mouse emulation, FreeTrack/TrackIR VR, or use of external tools (Opentrack or FreePie) is currently supported. Sensor data send, among other things, turns to your device, and a 3D picture can be generated for games that do not support full-fledged 3D mode.

Besides, there is a correction of distortions for the lenses of a specific VR headset. And you’ll need a Windows computer. It is better to choose from a list of certified devices, such as Google Cardboard or a similar model. For initial customization, first, reduce the game rendering resolution. It should be two times lower than the resolution of the smartphone screen. Set the format to 4:3. If the game is displayed in 16:9 format, the virtual reality solution presented in this guide is not recommended because the smartphone will show a compressed picture.

The Main Problem is Management

Trinus VR is a more spectacular alternative to VRidge from Riftcat that can stream special content for SteamVR and similar systems. Still, they cannot replace a rich set of virtual reality controller control options. You can transfer an image and calibrate the headset, but you can’t control special virtual reality content using the mouse and keyboard. For such cases, VRidge offers support for the PlayStation Move motion controller and control using Leap Motion gestures. Trinus VR is also compatible with PlayStation Move and Nolo VR controllers.

Another tip: if you use a smartphone complete with Samsung Gear VR, it automatically switches to Gear VR mode; that is, only content for Oculus will be displayed. The image transmitted in the streaming model will not be visible. In this case, Play Cardboard apps on Gear VR (paid) will help.

How to Use Trinus VR on Your Smartphone

Installation of Trinus VR on smartphone and PC

Install Trinus VR Lite on your smartphone, allow access to wireless data, and confirm your terms of use. Then install the Trinus VR server on your computer. Trinus VR Lite is a 15-minute trial of the tool. There are several ways to extend the usage of the program. In the Trial period section, activate the application for 60 minutes. They include only the time during which content is broadcasted on a smartphone. Viewing ads gives you another 10 minutes of free use. If you like everything, you can buy a mobile application.

Establishing a connection between a smartphone and a PC

The brightest effects of virtual reality can be achieved by connecting a smartphone and a computer via a USB cable. Connect the devices and start the application and the server. After that, in the application at the bottom in the middle, tap the USB icon to get into the settings. Activate “USB Tethering” and return to the application. After some time, the USB icon should turn purple and will be highlighted in bold. Then click in the server program and tap the triangle icon in the application to start broadcasting.

If the USB connection fails, activate the flight mode on the smartphone. If nothing works, try using a mobile gadget to set up a hotspot and connect a computer to it.

Changing Trinus VR Server Settings

For the first sample, the basic settings of the server program are enough. Later, in the Head Mount section, you can select multiple presets to compensate for lens distortions in different headset models. Try them and choose the best combination for the best result. On the Video tab, locate Adjust Lens to adjust the lenses separately. True, it is rather tedious to do. The best image quality is to set Image Scale to Ultra and move the Compression runner to the right.

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