How We Can Use Himalayan Shot Glasses

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Himalayan salt with its countless health and decor properties has become popular worldwide. The pink rock salt has been proved beneficial not only as a food ingredient but its therapeutic and healing properties have made it a product worth millions.

Since ancient times, the Himalayan salt has been used in different forms due to its amazing qualities and with the passage of time; numerous products have been introduced to make people get maximum benefits from the salt. Today, the Himalayan pink salt is not confined to the kitchen shelves, but it has been sculptured in a variety of products to be used widely. In this piece of writing we will talk about one of those tremendous and beautiful sculptures,” Himalayan salt tequila shot glasses”.

Doesn’t it sound interesting? Yes! So let’s check out what these glasses are for and how we can use them

What are Himalayan salt shot glasses:

Also termed as Himalayan tequila glasses, the Himalayan salt shot glasses are used to drink tequila. These glasses are made with authentic and pure food grade Himalayan salt carrying all the beneficial features of the salt.

Beautifully carved with hands, these tequila glasses look classy and stylish.

How they are different from the regular shot glasses

The feature of adding salinity to the drink differentiate the Himalayan shot glasses from other types of regular glasses and this is the main reason that people like them.

As mentioned above, the Himalayan shot glasses are made from the Himalayan pink rock salt which is 100% organic and hand-harvested from the Khewra mines in Pakistan. This is the only pure and unrefined form of salt on earth without any additives. Enriched with minerals and elements, this naturally pink salt contains 84 minerals and elements which are advantageous for the human body. So obviously any product made with this pure salt must be carrying all the health charms of the salt.

When you drink in the Himalayan shot glass, the drink becomes enriched with the trace minerals present in the salt and provide many health advantages.

 Now say goodbye to your old typical shot glasses and try these contemporary ones to add style and unique taste to your drink.

How to use them:

The Himalayan shot glasses are about 3 inches in length and approx 1.5 ounce of drink can be prep0a0red in a glass.

So to give a subtle flavor of salt to your drink, just have your glasses, lemon wedges and the tequila drink. Pour the drink into the glass, down the shot and bite the lemon slice. Flip over the glass and make sure that no liquid is left in the glass.

These glasses add a salty flavor to the drink naturally, so there is no need for the common table salt, just give tartness to the drink by using lemon slices.

Taking care of the Himalayan shot glasses

It’s very easy to use and to clean the glasses. Once you have enjoyed your drink in the Himalayan shot glass, just wipe it with a damp sponge and then dry with a piece of towel .It is not advised to wash the glasses with water because it may damage the product. Re use the glasses after 24 hours so that they get dry completely. The anti microbial features of the Himalayan salt keep the glasses clean.

Remember to take the shots swiftly and don’t exhale into the glass while taking the shot because it may cause erosion.

How long the glasses can be used

The life of the Himalayan shot glasses depends on the number of the shots and the way they are being used. The glasses can  be used for a long time if proper care is taken.  However if 3 to 4 shots are taken in a month then the glasses can be used for a period of six months. To increase the lifespan of the Himalayan shot glasses, it is important to keep them in a cool and dry place.

So bring these tremendous glasses for your next get together to have a much better experience with your family and friends or simply present it as a precious gift to your loved ones to make them feel special.

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