Who provides ICP ACC Certification in India?

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ICP ACC Certification will educate you on how to better grasp the objectives of your business as a teacher, coach, mentor, and team builder. You will also learn how to facilitate fruitful cooperation and healthy conflict resolution across agile teams.

  • Who is authorized to provide ICP-ACC credentials?

Accreditation is provided by the International Consortium for Agile Coaching (ICAgile) for the ICP-ACC credential (ICAgile).

In the ICP ACC Certification course, you’ll study the following information and more.

  • How to get ICP ACC Certification

Interested in earning your ICP-ACC certification but unsure of where to begin? Follow these easy steps to become a Certified Professional in Agile Coaching and prove your abilities.

  •  Become proficient in your craft.

Join an ICAgile Member Organization, for a 24-hour ICP-ACC training course.

  • Successfully completing the course is a second requirement

During the course of the training, show that you are capable of meeting the learning goals and that you have a firm grasp of them.

  • Join the ICP-ACC as a member.

You’ll get an email from ICAgile with your certification when the course is over.

  • The Agile Manifesto is a set of principles that guide the development of software

Refresh your memory on the Agile Manifesto and learn how to get the most out of your teams, projects, and programs.

  • Ideally, you’d have the following characteristics:

An Agile coach should be able to help, lead, mentor, educate, and encourage change in a variety of ways.

  • Adaptive approach:

“Being agile,” not “doing agile,” is the cornerstone for success in the Agile mentality.

  • As a coach, you may also be an educator.

You’ll discover how to develop learning experiences that are tailored to the needs of your students.

  • As a mentor, a coach may serve as a guide

Develop the ability to provide constructive comments and recommendations.

  • The coach’s role as facilitator is straightforward.

Consists of self-awareness and self-management principles, neutrality, group awareness, openness, and excitement

  • The arc of coaching:

Organize the meeting’s activities into a logical sequence to assist the participants to accomplish their goals.

  • Humans’ local domains:

It’s important to look at teams and organizations as human systems based on shared experiences, interpersonal awareness, and connections.

  • Agreement between the coach and the client:

Make use of professional coaching methods such as strong questions and active listening, as well as building coaching partnerships and contracts.

  • Internal vs. external coaches: Which is better?

Develop the capacity to coach on-the-fly by being familiar with the duties of both internal and external coaches.

  • Resolution of disagreement:

Assist students in identifying the qualities of a high-performing group and in resolving problems. Help them to learn

  • Barriers in the workplace:

Find more about the many organizational obstacles that prevent your company from implementing Agile.

  • A model for the development of teams

Empower leaders and teams to deal with the inevitable tensions and changes that arise as a result of organizational growth.


Once you have completed certified ICP ACC Membership training and shown your agile skills and understanding, you will be awarded the ICP-ACC certification. This certification will be a clear-cut proof of the skills possessed by people to primarily focus on the responsibilities of an agile coach. This course will be helpful to improve the focus of the individuals on the business goals and objectives of any organisation so that a healthy environment can be easily created.

It’s a fact that the right degree course help set the plan in motion that you want to achieve. Although there are different tips to become a successful business leader, you still need to keep learning at every stage of life. As the industry is evolving, the demand for the professionals will be consistently increasing as a change maker in the companies. The above-mentioned pieces of information given will be very much helpful to the candidates to efficiently begin the journey of becoming an agile coach.

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