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12 Best Free Instagram Followers Apps for Android and iPhone in 2022

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One of the largest social networking sites is Instagram, which has more than 500 million daily active users. Individuals and businesses frequently use this program to connect with more people and build a following. The more your popularity increases the more followers you have.

Although creating exciting and worthwhile material is essential for growing your Instagram following, it can take some time. Whether you use an iPhone or an Android, you can always use applications to grow your Instagram following and establish yourself as a popular user. But remember that using bots to grow your following is terrible because you need actual human beings to see and appreciate what you’re doing.

The Top 12 Instagram Follower Apps You Must Install

Here are 12 apps that can help you to get quick and easy free Instagram followers for Android and iPhone.

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One of the most popular apps for gaining Instagram followers is Followers+. Research the most popular hashtags in the community to add to your postings. In addition, you can download the information you want to use later and repost the content you enjoy. It allows you to engage with your audience while continuing to be relevant on the platform. As a result, it aids in profile creation and increases the number of free Instagram followers.

2. Get supporters

With Get Followers, you may increase your Instagram following by gaining money by doing little tasks. As soon as you download the app, some coins are added to your account. You are then prompted to follow particular Instagram profiles. For each profile you follow, the app adds coins to your account. Then, you can use this money to increase your Instagram following. The app’s user-friendly interface and simplicity of use will meet all of your needs.

3. Fame Boom

With the help of its free Android app, Fame Boom, you can increase your following on Instagram by learning how to trend. Fame Boom urges users to create content around the top hashtags of a specific period after filtering out the least popular ones. Therefore, the posts can be created around the given keywords to increase audience engagement with your content. As a result, there are more followers and likes on social media.

4. Turbo Followers

Turbo Followers is one of the most well-known free Instagram likes app that exchange likes for followers. Use the app to like a specific amount and variety of daily Instagram posts. The program will then credit points to your account, which you may use to continue gaining Instagram followers. You would be able to gain real followers due to your account. The app is user-friendly and functions well on Android and iOS mobile devices. 

5. HashtagsMix

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Use the appropriate hashtags with each image you submit on Instagram for the best chance of reaching a large audience. The goal of HashtagsMix is to guarantee that you follow suit. The software highlights the trendiest hashtags in your area so that you may include them in your content and make it more relatable to the audience. In addition, the app offers advice on improving your Instagram profile to be more engaging for your followers. Doing this increases the number of reliable followers who stick with you over time.

6. Followers Pumper

An Android software called Followers Pumper uses popular hashtags to promote your content and gain more Instagram followers. Your content will be more visible on the platform if your hashtags are more effective. As a result, gaining likes and followers for each post you make is simple. The software also offers advice on using popular hashtags in the best way possible to ensure that the right people see your material and that it is pertinent to their interests.

7. Followers on Instagram

Followers on Instagram offers a coin-based approach to gaining Instagram followers. You can increase your following by liking posts or following a particular group of profiles on the social media app. The fact that Followers on Instagram keep track of every post you make is its significant advantage. The software assists you in managing your account’s analytics by keeping track of the types of posts that receive the most likes and followers you have. You may more effectively construct your material this way to appeal to a larger audience.

8. Get Likes & Followers

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A free Instagram follower app called Get Followers & Likes keeps track of your account and helps you grow your following. The software tracks the likes and comments you receive on each photo and keeps an analytical report of your profile. You can then structure your posts around what you find to be most effective. This program is well-liked for gaining Instagram followers because it has a user interface that is quite simple to use.

9. Followers Insight

On Instagram, there are a lot of dormant and ghostly accounts that follow your handle. Even if they boost your following, these followers don’t bring much value to your profile because they don’t leave enough likes and comments on your posts. So that you can filter out these profiles, Followers Insight maintains track of all of them. It provides information about the audience you are attracting and the types of material they are most interested in. As a result, you can create material for the appropriate audience and increase your following.

10. 1000+ Instagram followers

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You may quickly increase the number of followers on your Instagram handle by having at least 1000 followers. It organizes various tags for its users to use and classifies them to increase the exposure of their Instagram pictures. In addition, you may purchase Instagram followers on this app to quickly acquire over 1000 of them. The app’s user interface is pretty straightforward and aids in creating the ideal article for your account.

11. Followers Chief

A free Instagram follower app for iPhone and Android is called Followers Chief. Through a series of guidelines created to make your material more captivating for the public, it assists you in gaining followers. The program also monitors your account’s stats to see how many likes and comments you receive for each image you upload. In addition, the software unfollows mass accounts and ghost accounts that have no bearing on your growth.

12. Get more Instagram followers

Get more followers for Instagram is a simple-to-use program that provides the most well-liked hashtags in the neighborhood. They can help you better create your posts and engage a larger audience. The program also offers profile optimization advice so you can know what kinds of posts are most successful. By doing this, you’ll be able to interact with more folks on your account and keep your fans around for longer.


While many apps are available on both the Play Store and the App Store that enables you to increase your Instagram following with a few easy steps, you must choose the best one. Avoid using apps that guarantee miraculous benefits.

Many of these applications also advise how to increase your Instagram following by improving audience engagement with your profile and your content. The applications are a fantastic way to begin using Instagram.

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