Is Water Soluble CBD Better?

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Amongst those searching for the most effective CBD products, there is a spirited competition over which method of taking cannabidiol (CBD) is best. Everyone loves what works for them, of course, but what does science say? Well, thanks to a biological concept called bioavailability, the best choice for many may just be a water-soluble cannabidiol product such as readily available CBD soft gels.

But what exactly is in water-soluble CBD? And how does its use compare to other popular options for taking CBD? Well, for the answer to all those questions and more. Be sure to read on as we will look at what water-soluble CBD means, what unique benefits it holds, and how it compares to other CBD product types. And be sure to stick around until the end, as we will highlight a few of our favorite water-soluble CBD goodies as well.

What is Water Soluble CBD?

Water-soluble cannabidiols are one of the latest innovations in the CBD category, only now possible thanks to cutting-edge technology, science, and forward-thinking companies producing quality merchandise. 

In short, water-soluble CBD works by emulsifying CBD compounds to a minute level using nanotechnology. This emulsification turns the normally water-phobic CBD oil into a water-soluble good. This process can increase CBD’s bioavailability as the body naturally absorbs water better than oil. Be sure to read on for more of the unique benefits that water-soluble CBD holds.

Benefits of Water-Soluble CBD

Now that we know more about why water-soluble CBD works, let’s see how these advantages help regular CBD users. Water-soluble CBD claims several benefits; a few of our favorites are listed below:

Increasing CBD’s Bioavailability: Due to its fatty-acid binding composition, CBD is naturally oily and water-phobic. After all, water and oil famously don’t mix well. But by breaking down cannabidiols into microscopic particles via nano-emulsion, the bioavailability of CBD can be significantly increased. 

The human body is thought to have a composition of 60% water, which also helps grant water-soluble CBD more bioavailability. This means that users taking a water-soluble CBD good will get a more potent dose when compared to conventional CBD products with identical cannabidiol content—in practical terms, a more effective product with less CBD needed.

Easy to Mix: Thanks to its finer consistency, water-soluble CBD is easier to mix into food and drink. Because of this, water-soluble CBD is preferred for sports drink powder formulas, as it will blend in much easier than a standard CBD tincture.

Faster Relief: As noted above, water-soluble CBD has an increased bioavailability thanks to its natural advantages over other water-phobic CBD products. Additionally, this increased bioavailability also produces quicker results. This makes sense, as greater bioavailability means that more cannabidiols are readily available and absorbed into the body’s bloodstream. In short, more CBD compounds mean relief from pain sooner.

Comparing Water Soluble CBD to Other CBD Options

Below, we will compare water-soluble CBD to other popular CBD products on the market. We’ll also highlight some of the advantages and shortcomings that water-soluble has over its competitors.

  • CBD Gummies: CBD gummies are great, but for some, they can be too sugary, and the temptation to snack on them may be too heavy. And, of course, they are much less discreet to dose and take on the go when compared to other options such as CBD softgels.
  • CBD Tinctures: One of the classic CBD products that almost everyone is likely familiar with is a tincture. They are a great way to administer CBD if you are familiar with the peculiarities of dosing via dropper. However, it still is not as foolproof a method as other options. Potency can vary wildly, which adds to the confusion as well.
  • CBD Creams: Topical CBD products like creams or gels are great for people with muscle pain or arthritis. But most wouldn’t choose to slather themselves in sports creams if they didn’t need to, especially if the product smells unpleasant or leaves the skin feeling greasy.
  • Traditional CBD Tablets: Another one of the most popular CBD product varieties, the downside concerning water-soluble CBD is that it is slower and less efficiently absorbed by the body. This means users can have to wait longer for relief.
  • CBD Softgels: Softgels are typically water-soluble products. One must be careful to check what ingredients are also in their water-soluble form—besides the hemp extract, of course.

The Best Water-Soluble CBD Products for 2022

By now, you’ve probably come to agree that water-soluble CBD is an easy and convenient way to speed the curative effects of cannabidiols to one’s aid. We’ve picked our favorites down below. Please read on for a little of what we like and don’t like about each. 

  • CBD Drink Mix

Those looking for the ultimate workout recovery beverage should be sure to give CBD energy drink mix a try. These drinks come in various flavors and ingredients. Some even contain caffeine to give an extra jolt of energy whenever you might need it most.

  • CBD Softgels

Softgels are prized for their easy dosing ability, fast-acting action, and inherently discrete nature. Thanks to the uniform composition of softgels, it is easy to properly portion a day’s CBD worth. Additionally, softgels resemble any other multi-vitamin, meaning no one must know you’re enjoying the speedy relief water-soluble CBD provides—unless, of course, you want them to! 

Wrapping Up

To summarize, water-soluble CBD holds many benefits over non-water-soluble CBD. This can include higher and faster rates of absorption, along with ease of use and proper dosing. If you are tempted to give water-soluble CBD a try for yourself, any of the products highlighted above are a terrific place to start.

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