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Spanish is one of the most popular languages of the world. It is spoken by nearly 580 million people and it is the primary language in over 20 countries.

Besides its popularity, there are many reasons to study this beautiful language. Grammar and vocabulary may seem difficult at first, but with the right guidance the learning process can be successful and fulfilling.

One interesting option is to immerse in the language experience completely.  You can learn Spanish in Madrid and become fluent while also learning about Spanish culture. 

First identify your goal

Language courses come in all shapes and sizes. If you are looking for language course, first you may identify what is your purpose, since learning a new language implies a lot of hard work.

It is a personal reason and it may vary, but usually students want to learn a language in an easy manner and as fast as possible. If this is your case, the quickest way to learn is to take an intensive course. 

Intensive courses consist of at least 20 lessons per week from Monday to Friday. The student can choose to have group lessons or individual ones. Still, group lessons are strongly encouraged, since meeting new people can facilitate the learning process.

Students that take the intensive Spanish course in Madrid benefit from the fact that learning hours never end. Once the lesson of the day is over, they have to interact with locals and live the immersed experience. Therefore, the learning process is faster and more interactive. 

Other students have a specific interest for learning Spanish, that could be either sitting for an international exam or preparing for attending University.

The most popular international Spanish exam is called DELE. It is the Cervantes’ Institute accreditation for Spanish proficiency and it is ideal for those students who already have certain knowledge of the language and wish to have an international diploma that can attest to that. Private lessons and mock exams are the best tools for preparing for this exam and ensure a good result. 

Expanish offers different alternatives for all these needs. It is an international school with presence all over the world and high prestige. Students can vouch for the quality of the classes and teachers; the experience is highly recommended and effective.

Spanish in Madrid

The Expanish school in Madrid is one of the best alternative for Spanish students. The school has an international community of people with the same interests in mind: learn the language and have fun. Learning a language and meeting new people could be the next greatest adventure of your life.

Madrid is the capital of Spain. The city is filled with color, culture and interesting people from all over the world. Getting to meet locals and enjoy the atmosphere is the best way to put your knowledge to the test and challenge yourself.

Forget about dull and routine-like lessons in a closed classroom. Spanish will be spoken every day. The food, the scenery and the people make this experience even more gratifying. 

The Expanish school in Madrid stands out for their optimal facilities in a great location and their helpful staff. They are willing to assist you with any doubt our problem that may arise during your stay. 

You can choose how long you want the experience to be. Either way, you will not only learn a new language. You will also make new friends and experience a new way of life. 

Tips for learning Spanish

When facing the challenge of learning a new language, the first thing than any student must do is identify their level. If you are in doubt regarding your knowledge, the Expanish website offers a free online test to see where you are at and what the ideal next step is.

Do you thrive in individual lessons or you prefer the challenge and excitement of learning with a group? Classrooms can be very stimulating and meeting new people in the same path as yours can be positive for enhancing the language process, but the choice is completely up to you. Fortunately, in Madrid you can choose to do both with the same excellence guaranteed. 

The best way to learn Spanish or any language is to put it to use, that is to interact as much as possible. Bear that in mind and take any chance that may arise. Talk with locals, with your classmates and with your teachers. Do not be afraid to make mistakes! They are to be expected as a part of the learning process. You will learn from them in a safe and relaxed environment with the guidance of your teachers and peers.

A language and its culture is one and the same. The more you learn about the Spanish way of life, the keener you will be to understanding the logic of their language and idiomatic expressions. This is why the intensive course in Madrid is the best, most enjoyable way to immerse in the process of learning Spanish. 

Language courses cost money, that is a fact. Therefore, it is important that you take the most advantage of the whole experience. If at the end of the course you managed to learn Spanish but also live a new adventure, gain knowledge of a different culture, grow as a person and build links with people that may last for a lifetime, then it is not an expense, but an investment. 

Get ready to learn Spanish in one of the best international schools of the world. The Expanish school in Madrid offers you the opportunity to join their next courses and open the next chapter of your life.

For more information, check the Expanish school website. You will find all you need to know about the courses and all the recommendations and reviews of students that are now part of the global Expanish community.  

Check the #Expanish hashtag on social media and get ready for a taste of your next adventure!

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