Livebeam Streaming Platforms Shows How to Easily Make New Friends

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Making friends is not a piece of cake. Maybe you still think so, yet Livebeam has something for you to think about. 

Today at the Livebeam streaming platform we would like to talk about how difficult it is for many people to make friends. What’s the fault? Self-doubt? Closed character? Fear of rejection? All this and dozens of other reasons. But at the same time, Livebeam thinks that loneliness is also not the best way out, because without communication a person withers like a flower without water. How do you solve this problem, you ask? Livebeam has an answer. And not one, but as many as 5! Read our article and use our 5 life hacks. You will see for yourself that making friends is easy at Livebeam. It is enough just to slightly change your attitude to this process and not be afraid of communication at Livebeam. So let’s get started! Livebeam shares 5 lifehacks on how to easily make new friends.

  1. Livebeam: Be Positive and Share Your Light with Other

Our first lifehack prepared by Livebeam is related to your sense of self. Agree that making friends with a sullen, withdrawn, and obsessed person is not easy. Who likes a friend who is constantly in a pessimistic mood? Of course, no one. In addition, many people are looking for support from their friends. What kind of support can you get from someone with a negative mood? At Livebeam streaming platform we think that, none! And at worst, such a pessimist can even drive a friend to depression. Therefore, our first lifehack is associated precisely with the worldview. Even if you are used to seeing only the dark side in everything, try to learn to see the positive around you. This can be achieved with simple auto-training exercises. For example, make it a rule to go out on your front porch every morning and look for 5 positive things. It could be a warm ray of sunshine or a neatly trimmed lawn, a cute dog running by, or the happiness of being able to breathe fresh air after a rain. Believe Livebeam streaming platform, after a few weeks of such a search for the positive, you will see much more good around you. And this will immediately affect your attitude towards others, and first of all, towards yourself. You can always try it at Livebeam!

And let’s put one more fruit in the basket of the same lifehack with the Livebeam streaming platform. If you’ve already learned to see the good around you, it’s time to start sharing the positive with others. Many people really lack positive emotions. And you can become their source. How does it work? Livebeam streaming platform advice is to try to say things that are pleasant and encouraging to others more often. Start your conversation by saying what a wonderful day it is. Don’t forget to say thank you to the cashier at the mall. Praise your neighbor’s hairstyle. Smile at the kid running by and tell him he is a cool dude. From small positive communications, your image is assembled as a person who is pleasant to talk to. And do not be surprised if, after such exercises, a neighbor always greets you or invites you to a barbecue, and the seller in the nearest shop starts a conversation with you and offers you the freshest goods. Little things like that always work for your image of a good friend. And you’ll be able to find friends at Livebeam for sure! 

  1. Livebeam: Keep the Flame of Conversation Burning

At Livebeam we think that a positive image you’ve created when meeting a person will not be enough to maintain the friendship. Friends are those who are interested in each other. This means that you should always be ready to support communication. And to do it with banal phrases like “Hello” or “How are you”, is not at all a guarantee of success. If you want a person to perceive you as an interesting person, and to make him want to continue communication and become your friend, you need to stir up his interest in you. Livebeam can help you with it. At Livebeam you will always have special icebreakers that can help you!

In practice, this means, first of all, the ability to maintain a conversation, find interesting topics for conversation, and look for fun ways to start communication. If you think that you simply do not have such a talent, you are absolutely mistaken. It just needs to be developed. By the way, you can do this without leaving your home. This is what online chat rooms are for. For example, in the Livebeam chat, you can talk with strangers on any topic. And if you can’t start a conversation, this chat has a special Let’s Talk option that helps keep the conversation flowing. Well, add to this the ability to fearlessly chat with hundreds of different people from all over the world. Your communication skills will be pumped unrealistically in Livebeam. And then you can use them to interest the person you like and offer him your friendship.

  1. Livebeam: Do Not Make Walls Instead of Bridges

Our third lifehack from Livebeam is related to the peculiarities of psychology. For a person, it is often difficult to make friends for one simple reason. He builds walls instead of bridges. That is, instead of looking for similar character traits, interests, points of contact, such a person begins to emphasize the differences between him and the interlocutor. This works on a subconscious level because any No or denial automatically sets us up in a negative way. Therefore, if you do not want to create an impression that will turn potential friends away from you, look not for differences but for similarities. For example, you should not focus on the different skin colors of yours and the interlocutor. You should not aggressively defend your religion, belittling the religion of your counterpart. There is no need to emphasize your dissimilarity. Instead, it’s worth happily mentioning how many similarities you and your friend have. This approach always brings people closer together. This is the very bridge that you will throw at each other, and it can be the beginning of a strong friendship.

  1. Livebeam: Ask for a Piece of Advice to Start the Communication

And one more lifehack from Livebeam already directly concerns the moment when an acquaintance is established, but friendship has not yet arisen. And it is associated with the peculiarities of communication. How often do you ask someone for advice? If you want to endear the person to yourself, you should do it more often. The secret is simple. When you ask for advice, you kind of make your interlocutor an expert in the area that the advice is concerned with. That is, you acknowledge that you respect his experience and knowledge in this area. And such a curtsy is always pleasing to the human ego. And you yourself can pay attention that your interlocutor after you ask him a couple of times for advice, will become much softer and more benevolent to conduct a conversation with you. It works the same way in your direction. Note that people who ask you for advice evoke more positive emotions than those who do not need your advice. You can try it at Livebeam.

  1. Livebeam: Do Not Stick in Offline! Use Online Chats to Make Friends with Someone

And finally, our last lifehack from Livebeam related to the peculiarities of communication channels. Previously, it was only possible to make friends through personal communication. Very rarely, a friendship began by correspondence. But with the advent of internet technology, things have become much easier. Now you can make friends with people from all over the world by simply logging into the global network.

Where to find friends on the Internet? The easiest answer is to chat online like Livebeam. For example, you can try Livebeam. On such sites, people gather not for serious relationships, difficult disputes, or discussions, but for the sake of fun. And this is great because everyone needs positive emotions. And if in the course of chatting you also meet interesting people for you, this is bingo! Such stories are not uncommon at Livebeam. For example, if you are logging in to chat about music, you can select interlocutors using their profile information, which will indicate an interest in music. Just look at these user profiles and start a conversation with anyone. The peculiarity of chats is that in them, most often, age, gender, or social status does not play a role. The main thing is that everyone should have fun. And this also has its positive side for starting a friendship because good first impressions from communication will form an attitude towards you and your attitude towards a new friend. Therefore, do not deny yourself the opportunity to find friends online through Livebeam. Livebeam streaming platform is a good choice to try!

Our Livebeam 5 life hacks won’t make you Miss or Mister Popularity right away. But they will help you overcome your fear of acquaintances and learn how to communicate properly with your friends and those you want to be your friend. 

Join Livebeam! Livebeam is your window to communication at streaming. Livebeam is a streaming & social discovery platform to e-meet strangers that make you beam from ear to ear. Dive into the world of streaming with Livebeam! Do not hesitate to give Livebeam a try. Open the door for communication across cultures, and find out what a different social web might look like.

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