Marketing Automation Tips for Your Business (Plus 16 Tools to Use)

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Short Summary: With so many tools available in the online market today, there are bound to be numerous ways to incorporate them to use for your marketing strategies. This article will look at the top tips and marketing automation tools changing how marketers automate and execute their marketing efforts.

Acquiring leads and turning them into sales-ready consumers is critical for both large and small businesses. Traditional marketing methods depend on broad, widespread distribution or the time-consuming process of finding and identifying an audience. This is both inefficient and ineffective. The surefire way to handle your marketing strategies is to automate your marketing workflow. 

But what exactly is marketing automation?

The heart of a business is in digital marketing, which employs strategies to market goods or services and generate a profit. Put another way; it is possible to sell effectively for both the firm and the target market. It can vary depending on the demands that the company encounters. Usually, a marketing specialist is in charge of monitoring consumer leads and business competitors and then implements the marketing strategy later.

Simultaneously, certain marketing duties must be completed manually, while other marketing tasks can be automated. Analyzing campaign performance metrics, creating reports, issuing invoices, publishing to social media, and other tasks ordinarily require a significant amount of time and effort can be reduced and simplified. How do you go about it? This is where digital marketing automation plays an essential part by automating your tasks.

According to an eMarketer survey, marketing automation boosted lead nurturing and nurturing lead management by an astounding 86% among B2B marketers globally. Marketing automation is extensively used in the market today. If you have just started a new small business or don’t have an automation tool yet, you should surely have a marketing automation platform to help you.

The following tips and tools will help you design new automated marketing campaigns. Here is the list to get you started.

If you want to achieve outstanding outcomes, one of the first marketing automation tips you must have is a clear strategy for every phase of your automation process. If you have a plan, content marketing automation is a good use of resources. Your system defines your target personas, including where and how they will consume content, the phrases and keywords they search for, and the content they enjoy. Your campaigns may fall short if you do not investigate these variables in your strategy. 

Suppose you have a clear view of what you want. In that case, you will be able to reap numerous benefits, such as speaking directly to your target audience, not wasting money on inappropriate campaign activities, and keeping your strategies constant and relevant.

The most critical step in implementing marketing automation tools is to develop a clear plan outlining how you will use it, track your progress, and what goals you want to achieve with the software.

Consider your marketing strategy and what marketing automation software can achieve for you. Then, compose a list of the functions you’d want to use in the software.

2. Set Your Automation Goals

As a small business just getting started with marketing automation, you should decide your goals and establish a list of measurable targets that will eventually impact how your marketing campaigns are developed.

Remember what you want to achieve with marketing automation when setting these objectives. Most small businesses employ marketing automation to boost e-commerce sales, lead generation, and client retention. Marketing automation software can give the tools needed to achieve these objectives. You could also create campaigns that your target audience will engage with using automation software.

Keep your digital marketing goals as SMART as possible (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound). SMART goals will make it easier to demonstrate the return on investment (ROI) from your efforts in the future.

3. Use The Right Automation Tools

The following marketing automation tip is finding the appropriate tool for you can be difficult with so many choices available on the market. Due to the numerous possibilities, selecting a marketing automation solution can be challenging. 

Due to the differences in the buyer’s journey and sales cycle in eCommerce, certain platforms may need more features and functionalities to manage the customer experience. You can begin by looking into marketing automation technologies focusing on e-commerce and depending on what your company needs.

Here are the following top marketing automation tools that can surely help you on your next marketing project:

  • For Content Creation


Renderforest is a free marketing software that provides a video-sharing production platform and enables companies and businesses to produce high-quality videos such as photo slideshow, animations, and promotional videos. It is an excellent tool for visual content. 


Vloggi is a user-generated video streaming management system that makes it simple to create community engagement videos. Vloggi allows you to create video content alongside your audience. The software turns user-generated videos into polished-looking video narratives. Brands can then download or publish their videos for their advertisements on social media or their website.

  1. Removal.AI

Remove picture backgrounds from photos as quickly as possible. You can save time and effort by using Removal.AI to wholly and instantly remove backgrounds. With Removal.AI, you can unleash your creativity and produce content like aesthetic projects, including cards, social media photos, posters, presentations, and other visual designs.


DesignStripe is an online editor that offers limitless possibilities. There are a lot of design tools you can choose from, like illustrations and vectors for your next content. It provides a user-guide experience so that even someone without artistic experience may produce original graphics that precisely fit your projects.


AI Writer can assist you if you continuously produce content for your social media posts, emails, blog posts, or product descriptions. With AI Writer, content is now made easy! AI Writer generates original article drafts by just on a headline. It’s a great way to get your content marketing efforts started.

2. For Social Media 


SocialBee is a free marketing software that can assist organizations in managing content, planning, marketing, and more across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social networks. Custom posting options on the platform allow businesses to implement content publishing efforts on social media accounts, web pages, and groups.


Advertising and marketing professionals on social media may automate developing, organizing, and distributing graphics across many channels using the graphic design tool, Flexitive. This tool also finds the balance between allowing quick creative to be made for one-off campaigns to full automation.


Kittl is a platform and tool for graphic design that can simplify complex design. Start your project from scratch or use the countless exquisite templates, typefaces, and design components made by professional designers. You can create logos, cards, web banners, labels, and social media posts and then download them in any format.


Missinglettr makes it easy to keep an eye on the performance of your social media campaigns and make informed decisions to help drive brand awareness, engagement, and business growth. Take control of all your social media metrics with Missinglettr. Get detailed insights into the performance of each post, including impressions, interactions, clicks, retweets, and more. All this data is clearly visualized with intuitive charts that allow you to easily compare different campaigns.

3. For Email Marketing

  1. SendinBlue

SendInBlue is an email marketing software with reporting and lead scoring capabilities. Furthermore, SendinBlue has a decent free plan that provides basic email marketing automation, and SMS messages and can also grow and manage your contacts.


BigMailer helps you streamline your email marketing operations with automations and powerful segmentation tools. With BigMailer, you can customize your campaigns for any customer segment or list without having to incur additional costs. You can set up drip sequences to nurture leads and customers over time, as well as RSS-to-email campaigns for automated updates. You can also leverage BigMailer’s unified customer view with real-time engagement-based targeting. This helps you keep track of customer activity in one place, so you can make strategic decisions to better serve their needs. Additionally, BigMailer offers a reputation management feature to ensure your email deliverability and sender score remain high.

4. For Lead Scoring

  1. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a cloud-based marketing and sales automation solution, as well as capabilities for creating web analytics, email marketing campaigns, lead scoring, web analytics and customer relationship management. Users can access sophisticated marketing segmentation and behavior-tracking capabilities on the platform, allowing them to design the most tailored campaigns for each target.

5. For Marketing Attribution


Dreamdata is a cloud-based marketing attribution software. The technology enables firms to measure and analyze how specific activities affect revenue, how specific channels perform, and what drives ROI. Dreamdata also allows businesses to analyze necessary performance measures such as revenue attribution and paid performance. 

6. For Project Management

  1. ClickUp

ClickUp is a project management application that is ideal for all kinds of businesses. Communication and teamwork tools, alarms, task assignments, statuses, alarms, and a toolbar are among the features ClickUp an offer.

  1. Asana

Asana is a task management tool with features such as workspaces, projects, and sections to organize tasks and assignments for multiple clients and teams. Asana is primarily intended for teams to devote less time to sending emails, participating in meetings, and concentrating on assigned tasks.

  1. Text Blaze

Text Blaze is a chrome extension that allows users to save programmed text snippets and utilize keyboard shortcuts to put them almost anywhere on the web. Snippets might be plain text or feature real-time user input, business logic, and no-code interfaces with other apps.

4. Nurture Your Leads

Through the use of relevant and customized information, lead nurturing advances prospective customers through the sales process. To increase the success of your business, use this tactic to cultivate trust and speak directly to the unique needs of your leads. The more tips that proceed all the way through to becoming clients, the better. But the more leads you have, the more work you have to do since you have to be in constant, substantive contact with them. Automation plays a role in this situation.

Marketing automation tips can streamline your marketing efforts and reduce the time needed to establish the connection. It would help if you chose the right tool to automate lead nurturing to save time and keep your tips focused. It lets you personalize your marketing by providing your leads with content relevant to their wants or interests. In turn, this makes it simpler to establish a genuine connection with them, encouraging them to proceed to the conversion and closure phases of the purchasing cycle.

5. Evaluate and Improve

Marketing automation tools that may restrict the number of activities you may perform it is important to get a tool that offers an all-in-one platform. Before beginning any evaluation, determine how many leads you have, how many tasks you want to automate, and what you would like the software to do. This will keep you from grossly underestimating the expense of your automation tools.

Choosing the right platform is dependent on your objectives. Keep the marketing automation tips in mind while you evaluate; you’ll find it easier to choose from all the available platforms and improve your marketing strategies.


There are numerous marketing automation software tools available that were listed above. It all comes down to selecting the best one for your company’s needs, budget, and technical knowledge.According to Investpcro,  80% of marketing automation software users report an increase in lead generation, and 77% report an increase in conversions. When an automation tool is applied correctly, it will help you optimize procedures, produce more leads, and drive more income.

May this article present you with a clear overview of marketing automation tips you can follow and inspire you to think about how you can use the top marketing automation tools to your benefit. Are you getting ready to roll out a new marketing campaign? With marketing automation, you can work less and save more time while increasing efficiency.

Author’s Bio:

With product design and full-stack digital marketing expertise, Jenn Pereira has the technical knowledge to develop effective solutions to challenging problems. Her primary focus is on SaaS marketing organic growth, as this provides the most sustainable and cost-effective results. She has collaborated with companies of all sizes, from small startups to large corporations, aiding them in increasing organic website traffic from zero to 400K monthly visits.

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